Make This Easy DIY Cat Tent With Simple Household Items

Cat parents know that kitty playthings can be quite expensive. On the flip side, some of our felines’ favorite toys are the ones that cost nothing at all.

Take a look at this awesome DIY cat tent that is virtually free to make, and your cat is sure to love. You can construct this easy-to-make fort with a few items that you probably already have in your house. Put a cushion or blanket inside, and this bed-in-a-tent will become your kitty’s favorite oasis!

DIY Cat Tent
The WHOot via Pinterest

Instructions adapted from Heather Yamada-Hosley via 


  • A medium sized t-shirt (or larger if you have a big cat or just want to make a bigger tent)
  • Two wire hangers
  • A 15×15 inch piece of cardboard (or larger)
  • Wire cutters
  • Safety pins
  • Masking or painter’s tape


1. Cut the hangers where they meet to form the hook.

2. Bend them into a U shape that reaches diagonally across the cardboard.

3. Tape the creases to reinforce the cardboard.

4. Poke holes in each corner and put the end of the hangers into each hole so that they cross over the middle of the cardboard.

5. Tape the hangers together where they cross, then bend them under in the corners and tape it down.

6. Put the whole structure into the shirt so that the neck hole creates an entrance on one side.

7. Flip the tent over, pull the bottom and sleeves tight, then safety pin them to the rest of the shirt so they’re secure and out of the way.


What a great idea! Would you do this project for your kitty?

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