Firefighters Rescue Cat And His Person From A Tree

Firefighters are used to getting calls about cats stuck in trees. And it turns out it’s not that usual for them to get calls about people stuck in those same trees while trying to rescue their cats. The Tulsa Fire Department in Oklahoma recently got one of those calls.

In a Facebook post, the department shared the tale of a double rescue performed by Captain Alan Hancock and his Engine 27 A Platoon crew, reporting, “Apparently a cat climbed high up into a tree.” And, as a cat parent does when their precious kitty is in peril, the loving cat dad shimmied up in hopes of rescuing his cat.

But things don’t always go as planned, and “unfortunately, they both found themselves in a dangerous predicament high above the ground, unable to get down safely.”

Tulsa Fire Department/Facebook

Rescue on High

The Tulsa crew quickly realized the rescue would be an in-the-air affair, with the man and his cat stuck in the branches around two stories off the ground! Captain Jacob Inbody and the Ladder 27 crew soon arrived with an aerial rescue device that would see the pair safely down.

Tulsa Fire Department/Facebook
Tulsa Fire Department/Facebook

Once the ladder was in the air, the rescue moved quickly, with the devoted cat lover being carefully escorted to the ground. The cat was then hauled down to safety while tucked into a backpack. Thanks to fast-acting firefighters, the duo came to no harm, putting feet and paws on land, safe and sound.

For the fire rescue teams, it was just another day saving lives!

Tulsa Fire Department/Facebook

Ever tried to do good for your cat and have it backfire? Yep, us too!

Check out these cat parents who found themselves in a mess, thanks to their darling feline!


Ever feed your cat the dinner he begs for, only to have him turn his nose up and make a mess for you to clean up? Again, us too!


When you cat sit for a friend and the “cranky old lady” cat doesn’t appreciate your help…


When you buy your cat nice toys, but they prefur the toilet paper.


The toilet paper struggle seems to be one that haunts every home with a cat. Give them expensive toys, and they want the simple things…


Give your cat a nice, clean litter pan, and he chooses destructive defecation instead! “Glad I had this photo to explain to my boss why I was late for work.”


Cats like pretty flowers to look at, so it’s nice when a cat mom makes the kitty an arrangement. But not so nice when the kitty wants to destroy them instead!


While some cats try to act innocent when they get you into a pickle or break your stuff, Derp Cat fully accepts blame for all destruction and strife with no worries to trouble His Fluffy Majesty’s mind, telling everyone, “I’m the reason my humans can’t have nice things.”


When dealing with cats and their shenanigans, we cat parents just don’t learn. Time and again, they get into mischief, and we’re the ones left with trouble! So, be sure you follow the Tulsa Fire Department’s advice and #becarefulfolks.

Feature Image: Tulsa Fire Department/Facebook

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