Compassionate Cat Gives Graveside Comfort To Daughter Mourning Her Dad

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on August 30, 2022

For those who have never spent much time with felines, cats can seem an aloof mystery with little care for human emotions. But if you’ve ever called a cat family, you know kitties are complex creatures with a direct line to your heart, and they know when you need comfort the most. It was in this way that Yoshi the cat found Jada when she needed a friend most.

Seeing Jada sitting at her father’s grave for the first time, Yoshi felt the grieving daughter’s hurt and knew just what to do to help her through the tough moment. Feeling her need for a hug, Yoshi climbed into Jada’s lap and covered her with love and snuggles.

And from those first moments together, a beautiful friendship was born.

A Tender Moment Shared

In awe of the compassionate cat, Jada captured Yoshi’s sweetness on camera and shared the video on TikTok, where the post has already captured almost 600k views and 110k likes.

Jada told the story of their meeting in one of the video’s captions, writing, “The first day I visited my dad’s grave, this stray cat came out of nowhere and jumped in my lap. He wouldn’t leave my side and sat with me until I left.”

Feeling a connection, Jada couldn’t leave Yoshi behind. But before she took the sweet boy home, she did her due diligence, ensuring the cat didn’t belong to the cemetery. Staff told her he’d been around for a couple of months, and they thought he’d been abandoned.

Responding to comments on her post, Jada explained, “They wanted him to be rehomed and was worried about the UK heatwave and when winter arrives.”

From an End Came a Beginning

Upon taking him to the vet to find out if Yoshi was someone’s missing darling, Jada learned he had no microchip. And when no one ever came forward to claim him, Jada knew she had found her new best friend for life.

Not only has Jada found comfort in Yoshi, but the cute kitty settled right into his new forever home. He’s already started doing all the cat things that make us fall further in love. Jada shared a Yoshi update on TikTok in which she revealed he’s a clingy cat who loves to plop down on her feet for pets, enjoys helping with her makeup routine, and even waits for her outside the bathroom. Yep, it sounds like Yoshi is officially comfy in his new place!

If you’re one who looks for signs from the divine, it’s quite easy to feel Jada’s father guided this new feline friend into her life at the moment she needed it most. And in helping his daughter, he gave a good cat the gift of a home filled with love.

@jadasezer Welcome to the family Yoshi #catlover #adoptedcatsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Bella ☮︎

Feature Image: @jadasezer/TikTok

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