Helpful Cat Saves The Day By Rescuing Neighbor’s House Keys From A Hole

As a cat parent, you know how much kitties love to “help.” Their insistence on being involved in what you’re doing is very cute but often causes a hindrance in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. And when one mom worked to get her keys out of a hole in which they’d been dropped, a neighbor cat offered to help retrieve them. And while he gave the cute kitty get-in-the-way kind of help at first, Pantera the Helpful ended up saving the day!

But despite what you’re thinking, Pantera wasn’t the one to drop the keys in the hole in the first place. That honor belonged to mom Luh Meira’s toddler son. Ah, cats and kids, aren’t they just the best helpers in life?


Down the Hole

Dropping things in deep holes is fun when you’re a little kid. And that’s what Luh’s son must have been thinking when he spied a hole in a concrete block near a walkway in the Meira family’s apartment complex. With his mom’s keys in hand, the cute kid felt he had the perfect thing to drop in such a nifty hole, and down they went!


But getting them out of the hole proved to be a problem with the opening not big enough for a hand to fit. Luh had to figure something out because, without her keys, she and her son were locked out of the house. She tried to lift them out with an Allen wrench, but wasn’t having much luck.

And that’s when a feline friend sauntered over to see what was up.


Pantera, a cute black cat, and neighbor to Luh, decided to help, but in true cat fashion, he had to hinder the work for a moment, biting at Luh’s retrieval tool. But once he got the silliness of his system, Pantera went to work. And after only a few attempts, he grabbed the keys and hauled them out with a nimble paw, much to a delighted Luh’s relief!


Much to the Delight of Viewers Too

Luh shared the video of Pantera helping get her keys from the hole on Facebook and TikTok because, as she told The Dodo, “If I didn’t film it, no one would believe it.”

And with 9.5 million views on TikTok and more than 175k on Facebook, it seems there were quite an impressive amount of believers amazed by Pantera’s prowess in rescuing the keys of damsels in distress.

“I was surprised, because I thought he put his paw in the hole just to play, but his intention was to really get the keys,” shared Luh. “I was super happy.”

Hero of the day, Pantera found a friend for life in Luh, and as she explained, “He won my love.”


“I was already in love with cats, but now there’s no question.”

To reward good boy kitty Pantera, Luh gifted him a new toy and some yummy treats!

Feature Image: Luh Meira/TikTok & Luh Meira/Facebook

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