9 Reasons Why Cats Make The Purrfect Best Friend

| Published on January 5, 2016

Cats make us earn their love and affection, but once you have it you’ll have it forever. And, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing much better than being adored by a cat! The fact that you had to work a bit for it will help you appreciate it more. Here are 9 of the best reasons why cats make fantastic companions and best friends.


Image: McD22 via Flickr

#1 – They’re cuddly
Cats must be some of the softest creatures to ever walk the planet, and they love to cuddle and nap. What could be better than having a platonic best friend who you can pet, kiss, and spoon with without things getting weird?


Image: Jacob Davies via Flickr

#2 – They’re good secret keepers
There’s a huge advantage to having a best friend who can’t speak any human language. You can tell her all of your deepest, darkest secrets and rest assured that she’ll never rat you out.


Image: romana klee via Flickr

#3 – They don’t mind listening to us talk and talk and talk
Not only do cats not mind listening to us ramble, they actually enjoy it! My cats rarely seem more alert and interested than when I’m talking to them about anything at all. Sometimes they even pipe in with their own opinions and observations.


Image: Ryusuke via Flickr

#4 – They’ll show up when you’re sad
Even though cats have a reputation for being aloof, they’re in tune with the body language, tone, and emotions of their human friends. When you’re having a bad day, you can look forward to your furry best friend climbing into your lap and tickling you with her whiskers.


Image: Mohammed Mustafa via Flickr

#5 – They don’t care about your morning breath
A best friend who wears the same outfit every day and licks her own butt has no room to judge your occasional lapse in good grooming habits.


Image: Lucie Provencher via Flickr

#6 – They’re funny
Whether she’s sneaking up on the dog, chasing her own tail, or ungracefully rolling off the couch mid-nap, you can always depend on your cat for a good laugh. Don’t worry, I’m positive our cats laugh (in their own way) at our blunders too.


Image: keepingtime_ca via Flickr

#7 – They keep us healthy
One of the reasons cats can make great therapy animals is because it has been proven that petting a cat can benefit your health! Regularly petting a cat can reduce stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and even improve your immune system!


Image: Andy McLemore via Flickr

#8 – They tell the truth
Cats don’t lie. It may be hard to figure out how your cat is feeling at first– there’s an art to deciphering a cat’s body language and verbal cues. But once you understand why the tip of her tail is twitching or why her ears are swiveled to the side you’ll realize that your cat is always honest and transparent about her feelings.


Image: Mikael Tigerström via Flickr

#9 – They love us unconditionally
Best friends are chosen family members. And just like a true family member, your cat will love your unconditionally for the rest of her days.