Friendly Cat Unknowingly Brings Joy To Grieving Neighbor

Reddit user goldenstate30 learned that his girlfriend’s cat, Nala, did more than just explore during her outdoor adventures; she was visiting the neighbors, too!

Last week when Nala came home from her usual traipse around her California bay area neighborhood, her owner was surprised to find that the kitty had come back with a handwritten note attached to her.

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The message was from a neighbor whose home she had apparently been frequenting. It read:

“I don’t know who this cat belongs to, but she comes and visits us every few weeks. She’ll meow outside our backdoor until we let her in; she [winds] herself around our legs; walks around the house like its hers; waits at the fridge until my husband and I feed her bologna. She doesn’t like soft cat food very much! We look forward to her visits. We lost our 21 year old cat this year.”

As it turns out, sweet Nala wasn’t just enjoying the fresh air during her outings–she had also been bringing comfort to a woman who had recently lost her beloved cat. Maybe somehow, Nala knew how much her visits helped heal her new human friend.  

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