Adopt Two Cats For The Low Price Of 285K & Get A Bonus House

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on September 2, 2022

Hey, cat lover! Are you in the market for a new home? Then we’ve got just the listing for you!

On the market in Olivehurst, California, this cozy two-bedroom home in a peaceful neighborhood features 832 square feet and two friendly felines named Spencer and Gin. And you won’t find these feline features anywhere else, so you better act soon because these two cats and their house are sure to go fast. Or, if you’d rather think of it the other way around, you can adopt Spencer and Gin for the low, low adoption price of $285,000 and get a free house to sweeten an already purrfect deal!

Adopt Two Cats, Get A Bonus Home

No matter which way you prefer to think of it, whoever buys the house wins a pair of furry friends for life, and FieldHaven Feline Center earns a massive donation that will help them keep saving cats!

Sharing this fantastic deal on Facebook, Fieldhaven talked up Spencer and Gin, writing, “They’re sweet and social, love company and sunbathing on the back porch. They’re neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.”

With two special champagne-shaded kitties, this listing is the deal of a lifetime for those who fancy felines! And to make the whole thing even better, FieldHaven will receive the proceeds of the sale.

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Kindness From The Beyond

FieldHaven acquired Spencer and Gin and their house thanks to the generosity of a cat lover who passed away. The feline rescue explained the woman willed them the house as “she has no family; just her cats.” And her sweet kitties call the place home, so it was important they didn’t have to leave though she was gone.

“Spencer and Gin have lived here for some time, and don’t need rehoming,” explained FieldHaven. “They come with the house and expect food, water, and a bit of love.”

And even if you don’t live in California or aren’t shopping for a house, the FieldHaven Feline Center asks just a small favor of you.

“Will you share to help us find a buyer, and adopter, all in one?”

Here’s to hoping someone snaps up Spencer and Gin’s house in a hurry so a new family can find their forever with two deserving felines.

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Feature Image: FieldHaven Feline Center/Facebook