Attentive Shelter Mama Gives Her Kitten A Very Unique Hairstyle

A stray cat in Newfoundland, Canada is our pick for Mama Cat of the Year, thanks to the adorably diligent care she provided to her one and only kitten.

Perm, a lovely long-haired tortie, was picked up as a stray and taken to Exploits Valley SPCA, where she gave birth to a single precious kitten. Perm was such an attentive, doting mom to her new daughter, that the little cutie experienced a strange side effect – a super sassy mohawk!

Perm had overgroomed young “Mohawk” to the point that most of the hair on her head fell out! It seems she had enough love for a litter’s worth of kittens, but only one baby to share it with! Sarah MacLeod, spokesperson for Exploits Valley SPCA, told The Dodo:

“As the kitten started to grow, we thought something was wrong. Her body was growing normally but her head was so tiny,” MacLeod said. “A vet trip confirmed: Her adorably diligent mother was cleaning her only kitten too well. All of Mohawk’s fur and even whiskers were being licked right off!”

The vet recommended that the shelter help Perm spread the love by providing her with a second kitten to care for. They introduced her to a foster kitty named Pigtail and he was quicky accepted into the family.

Once Perm had two babies to care for, Mohawk’s head got a much needed break – but don’t worry, Pigtail’s hair remained mostly intact, even if it was licked into a fauxhawk!

Thanks to the adorable photos posted to the Exploits Valley SPCA Facebook page, Mohawk and Pigtail were adopted into loving forever homes!

According to MacLeod, they considered keeping Miss Perm around!

“We have so many cats and kittens who need homes, we have considered hiring Perm on as a hairstylist,” she said.

However, they knew she’d be happiest in a forever home – and she’s also been adopted!

H/T to The Dodo

Featured Image via Facebook/Exploits Valley SPCA

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