Sphynx Cat’s Knobby Knees Are Taking The Internet By Storm

We love all cats, but we can’t help but admire the unique, hairless look of a Sphynx!

Arlo, a kitty who lives in Los Angeles, according to WTVY, is internet-famous and known for one unusual feature: his knees!

While there are lots of photos and videos on his Instagram page — cheekily known as @the.dark_lord — we love the look he gives his admirers in the video below:

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Assuming his username is a reference for Harry PotterLord Voldemort, we can see a little of the bald the resemblance… although, Arlo is way cuter. And check out those gorgeous green eyes!

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It seems like this quirky cat enjoys naps on top of the refrigerator. But despite the menacing music in the clip below, he doesn’t seem so scary to us!

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“Plotting world domination and how to make these hoomans my slaves! All hail your Dark Lord!!!” Arlo’s humans jokingly captioned this post.

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We love how kitties are never afraid to show their true colors! Keep on being awesome, Arlo!

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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