Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes? Here Are 4 Reasons

| Published on March 21, 2016

I can almost guarantee you’ve caught your cat playing or napping in a cardboard box. A cat’s love for boxes is so legendary that the internet is full of photos and memes of cats caught in the act. Often they even depict cats who have decided to lay in the shipping box rather than the carefully chosen cat bed or perch that was packed in it. What’s so special about cardboard boxes?

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#1 – Insulation Corrugated cardboard makes for great insulation. Whether your home is hot or cold, curling up in a cardboard box can help regulate your cat’s body to the perfect snoozing temp.

#2 – Hiding from predators
Boxes with tall sides are prime places to hide from perceived predators. My own cats seem to think jumping into a box makes them invisible… even if a tail is hanging over the edge. Cats feel safe when they’re in boxes because they think they can’t be snuck up on if they can feel all sides of the box pressed against their body.

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#3 – Hunting As much as boxes are great for hiding from predators, they’re also great for hunting prey. If you have multiple cats, you may notice a cat peering over the edge of a box waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting friend.

#4 – It’s a bed AND a scratching post
Many popular scratching pads and posts are made out of corrugated cardboard because it’s a texture that feels good under a cat’s claws. It’s no wonder that your cat loves lounging in a box that she can sink her claws into when she stretches after a long nap.

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