Watch The Moment A Kitten Is Rescued From A Deep Underground Pipe

This is the story of a brave black kitten with an unstoppable will to live!

The poor baby managed to fall down a pipe that was 25 feet in the ground in Venice, California. Although it survived the tumble, it faced another huge hurdle: how in the world was it going to get out?

Luckily, the tiny kitty has a big voice, and meowed as loudly as possible in hopes of capturing someone’s attention. Amazingly, its cries were heard by a geologist who walked by and realized that the poor baby was trapped far underground. He enlisted the help of local Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (SMART), and they arrived on the scene, determined to save a life.

Watch the incredible rescue below:

After the ordeal, this little survivor was taken to the North Central Animal Shelter, where it was bathed, fed, and given a clean bill of health. Then, more good luck still: the kitten was adopted just a few days later, and is now in a loving forever family!

Though the raven-furred baby had a rough start in life, we’d say that its luck has finally changed.

(h/t: National Geographic)

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