After 5 Years In A Shelter, This Senior Black Cat Defies The Odds & Finds A Home

As a shelter cat, Bailey already had two strikes against her. Adult cats have a harder time getting homes than kittens; and senior, black cats have the hardest time of all. Bailey was the poster cat for those unfair statistics. Still, Purrfect Pals knew that her home was out there. iHeartCats has shared stories from their shelter before – it’s an amazing place where cats with even the toughest challenges find hope and homes. Bailey was adopted as a kitten … Read more

Cole & Marmalade Get A Life-Sized “Gingerbread” House This Christmas

Kitty-loving couple, Chris Poole and Jessica Josephs, are the humans behind the celebri-cat duo of Cole and Marmalade. When they aren’t advocating for homeless felines and championing spay/neuter programs, Poole and Josephs run a YouTube page devoted to all things cat. Since Cole and Marmalade tend to treat the family Christmas tree like a jungle gym, the couple decided to build them their own holiday-themed playhouse this year – and you can make one too! In the following video, Cole … Read more

Quirky Kitty Dubbed “Count Catula” Finally Finds A Home For The Holidays

Count Catula – also known as Raphael – wasn’t the luckiest at finding a forever home. In 2015, the toothy black cat landed at the RSPCA after his owner passed away, and was 7 years old at the time. Not only did the color of his coat work against him (black cats are still, sadly,less likely to get adopted than fairer felines), but he was a senior as well. He spent over a year at the shelter until he finally … Read more

Man Gives Up Home, Job, & Belongings To Explore Australia With His Cat

In 2014, Rich East realized that he was unhappy with where life had taken him. It wasn’t a bad life: he had a home, a stable corporate job, and a fuzzy black rescue cat named Willow, but the wanderlust in him ached for something different. In what Rich calls “the most well prepared mid life crisis in history,” he decided to trade the life he had built in exchange for a new one. With little hesitation, he gave up his … Read more

Black Cat Photo Series Helps “Less Adoptable” Kitties Find Forever Homes

Casey Christopher does outstanding work photographing shelter animals, particularly, those considered “unadoptable.” We love her work so much, we’ve shared it several times before! Casey told us about this series which focuses on black cats, and we were eager to show you, too! Based on statics, black cats are considered “less adoptable” than others, so Casey wanted to give them some attention. It’s hard to say why these cats are less desirable than others; it could be old-fashioned superstition, or … Read more

Watch The Moment A Kitten Is Rescued From A Deep Underground Pipe

This is the story of a brave black kitten with an unstoppable will to live! The poor baby managed to fall down a pipe that was 25 feet in the ground in Venice, California. Although it survived the tumble, it faced another huge hurdle: how in the world was it going to get out? Luckily, the tiny kitty has a big voice, and meowed as loudly as possible in hopes of capturing someone’s attention. Amazingly, its cries were heard by … Read more

Kitten Rescued From The Rubble After A Fire Gets The Purrfect Name – And Forever Home!

In Rockford, Michigan, locals were shocked when the Corner Bar, a much-loved restaurant and landmark, burned to the ground. When the damage was done, all that was left was ash, rubble… and a stray kitten! When people noticed kitty, who was unharmed but homeless, they set traps near the wreckage and finally caught the little black furball. In safe hands, they decided to give her the purrfect name: Smokey! Although the Corner Bar is making plans to rebuild, they still … Read more

Rescue Cat Goes From Abandoned Kitten To Adventurous Beach Lover!

Little Nathan – the female black cat – has come a long way in her short but adventurous life. According to The Dodo, she was found at just a few weeks old, abandoned in a box on the side of a freeway with her sibling and mom. Luckily, she was rescued by the RSPCA, then adopted by a loving couple. That’s how she went from being a scared, defenseless abandoned kitten to a brave and fun-loving adventure cat! A post shared … Read more

Tough Shelter Cat Is Accepting Applications For A “Human Slave”

Mr. Biggles, aka Lord Bigglesworth, is looking for a little more than a forever family. He’s not exactly the snuggle-and-purr type, and would get along best with a human who will love him for his quirky ways. His adoption profile, posted by Pet Rescue in Australia, doesn’t sugarcoat the tomcat’s tough ways. “He looks gorgeous with his slinky shiny black fur and big yellow eyes… but beware. If he doesn’t like what you’re doing he will give you a nip! Sometimes … Read more

Woman Hears The Desperate Cry For Help That No One Else Could

Nancy Hutchinson hears a lot of things others don’t. Like cries for help. That’s probably because, as founder and president of Michigan Cat Rescue, she’s heard a lot of them. And it may explain why she was the only one who heard the tiny distress call. “I was at my friend’s house on her porch,” she tells iHeartCats. “I kept hearing a faint cry. I told her, ‘I think I hear a cat.’ She didn’t hear it.” Hutchinson couldn’t find … Read more