Watch As Kind Cat Shares Water Bowl With A Thirsty Mouse

Will cats ever cease to amaze us with their complicated and curious ways? The answer to that is probably ‘no’ as every day presents us with new tales of the strange and wonderful things cats do! And Simon the cat of Punta Arenas, Chile, gives us another cat tale that’s sure to make you smile.

Though creatures of instinct who enjoy the hunt, some cats have hearts so big they can’t help but love everyone they meet, even if that someone is a tiny mouse! Most cats would be pleased to find a mousie snack sipping from their water bowl, but not Simon. He’s a sweet black cat with a heart for friendship. And when a mouse showed up for a sip of water, Simon showed he was more than happy to share with a fellow furry one.


Simon’s Tiny Friend

Sharing his home with Simon the cat and two Border Collies, Benjamín Sagredo is used to hearing noises around the house. So, when some strange sounds in the kitchen caught his attention, he wasn’t too worried about it. And when he saw Simon playing with something under an armchair, he told The Dodo, “We didn’t give it much thought.”

Then one day, Benjamin went into the kitchen, and the mystery of the noises and the unidentified play toy was solved. There sat Simon and a mouse, both happily sipping from the water bowl! The cat dad was quite surprised, telling Tele 13, “I caught him with the mouse as if they were friends.”


With Simon being so affectionate toward the mouse, Benjamin had to catch the moment on video, saying, “They looked closely acquainted.”

“I decided to record it. I thought no one would believe me.”


Turns out Simon’s dad was smitten by Simon’s tiny friend too and “couldn’t dream of hurting him.” And as a friend of the household, the mouse was quickly given a name.

“I named him Chefcito.”


The Mouse Came Back

Simon and Benjamin relocated Chefcito outside, but the little one just kept coming back.

“He’s been back several times,” Benjamin said. “We love that Simon accepts him. He’s a very affectionate and sociable cat.”

And, Benjamin has already decided, “if Chefcito keeps coming, we’re going to have to adopt him.” As he was keen to share his water bowl, Simon has already come to this decision too!


Simon and Chefcito aren’t the only unlikely duo. Meet the Cat And Rat BFFs Proving Anyone Can Be Friends.

Feature Image: @simonel.gato/Instagram

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