The Number One Window Litter Box For Your Cat’s Number Twos

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 8, 2024

Indoor cats don’t typically get the chance to go potty outdoors. While that’s something we don’t often consider, it’s good to remember cats have a connection to the outdoors, and feeling the wind in their fur while having a squat may be something your feline enjoys. Now, you can easily give your housebound feline the treat of doing their business with a breeze! From the makers of VistaGato comes a new vision—the VistaLoo, a cat window box with a litter pan inside. While doing as nature intended, your kitty can feel like a wild one from the safety of this innovative litter box solution.

But that’s not the only bonus of the VistaLoo. Because this litter box sits in your window, stinky pan odors waft away through the screened vents, leaving your house smelling fresh. Plus, your days of bending over to scoop or clean are over when you give your kitty a loo for the window. Check out all the details and prepare to amaze your cat with this clever window litter box.

An unobtrusive design that fits a variety of windows.

A Number One Idea for Your Cat’s Number Twos

The cat lovers of VistaGato were kind enough to send a VistaLoo to my clowder of kitties, and opening the box revealed what a fantastic idea a window box litter pan really is. The VistaLoo takes the concept of a vented and translucent window box for cats and adds a litter pan that you can easily tend. While offering your cat a taste of the outdoors as they potty, it blends into most homes without being obtrusive. And because of the unique design, this kitty potty works for window sizes ranging from 26” to 36” wide, ensuring a fit in various “up and down” windows.

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Product Specs:

  • Product Dimensions: 
    • 26” Wide (Includes Adjustable Side Panels)
    • 25” Overall Height
    • 5” Deep Enclosure
    • 5” Perch
  • Product Weight:12 lbs
  • Litter Box Dimensions:38” L x 13.62” W x 5” H

Plus, installation was easy. Pulling the unit out of the box revealed eighty percent of the assembly was already done. All I had to do was snap on the porch and screw in the screen. To install, I set the box in the window frame, and after a bit of fidgeting, the unit was in place, leaving me to tighten the knobs and slide out the side panels. Then, I added my preferred litter to the pan and slid it into the window box. That easy, the VistaLoo was open for business. And cat customers came quickly!

Good Bye To Stink and Bending Over

Because the litter pan has a solid door with a swinging flap, the smell of the work done inside stays out of your house. Instead, the vented box lets nature clear the air with a fresh breeze. That’s a win for you and your cat. Nobody likes a stinky litter box!

And you’ll find scooping and cleaning less of a chore with this handy cat innovation. Instead of bending over a dusty pan, the box sits at waist level or whatever the height of your window. This design also keeps dogs and kids away from the litter box. The included pan slides in and out to make changing the litter easier, too.

Kitties Like the Loo, Too!

So, I’ve told you why I think the VistaLoo is a neato idea, but here’s what you really want to know. Do cats like the VistaLoo? For this, we defer to my cat Corbie, the first taker when it came to putting a paw in the litter.

Corbie shared that going in and out of the swinging door was no problem once he got used to it. Until everyone was familiar with the new setup, he suggested we leave the flap off for a while. He’s a brilliant fluff, that one!

A view of the outdoors from the litter box!

Even with flap the off, Corbie reported the stench of his business didn’t follow him out. Instead, it drifted out of the vents. He also mentioned that watching a butterfly while contemplating nature’s necessity was quite enjoyable. Like reading on the toilet for us, as he so put it.

So, here’s your answer. If Corbie puts a paw of approval of the experience, your kitty probably will, too! Treat your purrecious one and your nose to a VistaLoo! Don’t forget to use code: iheartvista10 at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase!

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