Kitten Chooses Pup As His New Nanny But Dog’s Terrified To Move

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 9, 2024

Fostering animals is a rewarding experience. Spending time in a shelter can be traumatic, especially for tiny kittens needing a quiet, comforting environment. Thankfully, people like the woman in this story step up daily to take in these precious souls and care for them until they are ready for their forever homes. A woman named Aki wanted to become a foster mom to kittens, but she had reservations. Her dog, Phoebe, was terrified of cats. Even though it was risky, she decided to carefully introduce Phoebe to kittens, hoping she would overcome her fears.

Upon bringing the first kittens home, Phoebe growled and ran away at the very sight of them, but Aki was determined to help Phoebe transition from a ‘Nervous Nelly’ to a wonderful foster sister. With time and effort, and gentle coaxing, Phoebe began to come closer to the kittens (with supervision, of course). Soon, her curiosity turned into infatuation.

The kittens adored the cuddly dog! They wanted nothing more than to climb onto her and snuggle, but it was a process. Phoebe would lie perfectly still as the doting kittens introduced themselves. Then, something sparked within the dog. She had found her true calling! Phoebe became their nanny.

Phoebe watched her mom bring out the cat carrier as the first set of kittens, Biscuits and Gravy, grew strong enough to go to their new family. She understood they were moving on. She said her final goodbyes to her tiny tots, giving kisses and sniffs of approval. While it was bittersweet to see them leave, Phoebe had found her calling and couldn’t wait to welcome new kittens into her home.

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