Kitten With Baseball-Sized Tumor Was Hours Away From Being Put Down

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 8, 2024

A kitten, later named Keta, was living on the street, struggling to survive. People shied away from the innocent cat because her face was unsightly. She had a large tumor that distorted her entire head. Still, the kitten refused to give up. Hope was keeping her alive. When Keta was finally found, she was taken to a kill shelter. Her days were numbered until a rescue group, Unwanted NYC Pets, stepped in. They posted her story online, hoping they would raise enough donations to pay for her much-needed surgery.

Even though Keta had a baseball-sized tumor on her face, she still ate her heart out, proving she had the will to fight. Her rescuers rallied around her. Keta’s surgery was risky. It was possible she would lose an eye and need a feeding tube for the rest of her life. With the odds stacked against her, the rescuers opted for the surgery once they raised enough money.

Keta underwent surgery, and it was a success! As she recovered, the rescue group searched for her forever family. They hoped potential adopters wouldn’t be put off by her appearance. Thankfully, a loving couple stepped forward after a few weeks, offering Keta a home. The kitten had a wonderful life to lead, thanks to her determined rescuers and the new family willing to give her everything her little kitty heart desired.

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