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Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 8, 2024

Cats value a view of the outside world, making spots by the window a favorite feline hangout. This fascination stems from their inherent curiosity and hunting instincts. Even when safely indoors, cats are naturally drawn to observing outdoor environments, where the sights, sounds, and smells offer a stimulating sensory experience. Watching birds, insects, and the hustle and bustle of human activity keeps their minds active and engaged, preventing boredom.

Plus, the natural light and warmth from a sunny window provide a comforting spot for relaxation and sunbathing, which is vital for their well-being. This connection to the outdoors also allows indoor cats to experience a taste of their primal, natural environment, satisfying their instinctual needs in a safe and controlled manner. With a VistaGato cat window patio, you can bring them a glimpse of the outdoors from the safety of indoors.

Tia takes a look around.

When the cat lovers at VistaGato learned about my house full of cats, they graciously sent my clowder one of their window patios for a tryout. And my kitties can’t say thank you enough! There’s a constant stream of felines coming and going from the window unit at all times, helping them all to feel stimulated and fulfilled from the outdoor view. I love it, too, for its ease of installation and the joy it brings my felines.

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What is the VistaGato?

The VistaGato is a cat window porch designed to enhance the indoor experience for our feline friends. As a cutting-edge product in pet care, it effortlessly integrates into most home environments, particularly those with vertical “up and down” moving windows. This cat window box is uniquely tailored for window sizes ranging from 26” to 36” wide, ensuring a fit in various homes.

Fresh out of the box.

The versatility offered by the sliding side panels makes it an ideal choice for cat parents living in apartments or houses with standard window sizes. The design of the VistaGato not only offers a comfortable and secure spot for cats to lounge and observe the outdoors but also incorporates sturdy materials and a sleek design that blends seamlessly with modern home decor.

Engineered with the well-being of cats in mind, the VistaGato provides them with a coveted elevated vantage point that fulfills their natural desire to observe their surroundings from a safe height. Whether it’s for watching birds, basking in the sun, or simply enjoying a panoramic view of the outdoors, the VistaGato enriches the lives of indoor cats, making it a must-have for any cat-friendly household.

Product Specs:

  • Product Dimensions:
    • 20.38″ Length
    • 13.62” Wide
    • 5” Height
  • Product Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Installation Simplicity

Installation is pretty simple and made more of a breeze thanks to the unit’s lightweight build. After lifting the porch into the window frame, I aligned it with the frame and closed the window. Then, I slid out the left and right panels to seal the window and tightened the knobs for a secure placement. That quickly, it was kitty window time!

There’s some setup required before putting it in the window, but that’s easy stuff, too. One of those steps is affixing the included screen that keeps out bugs. You’ll see in some of my pics that I hadn’t yet put the screen in because my kitties were too excited to get in their new porch. It’s in there now, though.

The main door can also be lowered by pressing the levers at the top, opening up the space so your cat can really stretch out. There’s also a smaller swinging door you can opt to take off while your cat is learning to use the porch or leave it on to keep window drafts out of the house. You’ll see in my photos and video I left it off for easy coming and going.

Ren loves the view.

What Did the Kitties Think?

If I had to tell you which of my cats like the VistaGato best, I couldn’t even begin to guess because there is a constant stream of traffic coming in and out. When sitting inside it, each cat is mesmerized by the view and so excited to watch bugs and birds flitter by. And their little noses stay busy catching all the scents the breeze brings them.

The porch is large enough to accommodate more than one cat comfortably. Tia and Allan enjoy sitting in it together and discussing the view. Ren prefers a solitary sit where he can meditate on the outdoors. And when it comes to the large kitties, my big boy Frenchie had no problem fitting and sitting. He’s twenty pounds of Tuxedo, and the VistaGato held him just fine. It has a fifty-pound limit, so hefty cats can enjoy the view, too.

Everybody wants to sit!

My cats want you to know how much your cat wants a VistaGato of their very own. Your purrecious ones will love the feel of the outdoors in their fur while you’ve got them safely inside the house. Be your kitty’s hero and get a VistaGato today! Don’t forget to use code: iheartvista10 at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase!

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