Treat Yourself With 21 Of This Week’s Best Tweets About Cats & Dogs

Somedays, you just need to treat yourself! Want that special dessert? Then, go ahead, eat the whole thing, and don’t share a bite. Have you been looking at an outfit but just don’t want to spend the money? Well, today is the day you buy it and the shoes to match! How about a day on the couch with Netflix? If that’s your ideal treat, then turn on the television and draw down the blinds.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to treat yourself, just be sure you do. And to help you start your day of good things, here’s a treat from Twitter you’ll love. A roundup of the week’s cutest and funniest tweets about cats and dogs!

21 Tweets About Cats & Dogs to Help You Treat Yourself!

#1 – If you need a lesson in how to treat yourself, have a look at this kitty. He’s got it.

#2 – Remote job perk number one is having your furry bestie at your side while you work!

#3 – Bathtime is the best time to consider the mysteries of the universe.

#4 – Right?!? You’re just trying to treat yourself, and the fur kid has to act up!

#5 – Report that mess immediately!

#6 – Here’s your corny joke fix.

#7 – “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.”

#8 – This cute puppy video is an excellent way to treat yourself!

#9 – The more cat pics, the better.

#10 – Being a dog is ruff stuff!

#11 – Purrfect form every time!

#12 – That’s how you get the job done!

#13 – You don’t really want to know.

#14 – Just tousle and go!

#15 – Mwahahaha!

#16 – Better that end rubbing on the carpet than the other

#17 – And that is the magic of cats in one post!

#18 – Stay strong… don’t give up the nuggets! Ok, maybe just one…

#19 – Rise and shine!

#20 – We’re excited for you and your new collar, Scottie!

#21 – Look at this sleepy kitty getting tucked in, and remember, today’s mission is to treat yourself!

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Feature Image: @cryptidmeows/Twitter & @dog_rates/Twitter

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