This Mama Cat Waited Until She Was Rescued To Give Birth To 6 Kittens

| Published on February 24, 2016

There’s nothing simultaneously as tender and fierce as a mother’s love for her babies, and sometimes it can drive a cat like Nala to do remarkable things. Nala, a sweet diluted tortoiseshell cat, was saved by Here Kitty Kitty Rescue when she wound up in a high-kill shelter. It wasn’t the easiest rescue. First of all, Nala was two states away from Here Kitty Kitty’s shelter in Indiana. Secondly, Nala was very, very pregnant.

(Photos: Here Kitty Kitty Rescue)


Here Kitty Kitty Rescue organized a chain of transportation to get Nala to her new homestate. They worried that she might go into labor during the long drive, but Nala wasn’t quite ready for her babies to make their appearance.



In fact, Nala didn’t give birth until she had been at Here Kitty Kitty Rescue for nearly a week on February 16th. When the kittens finally came, 3 were bluff colored and 3 were orange. All of them were very small, including one who only weighed 2.5 ounces.


The crew at Here Kitty Kitty kept a close watch on everyone and weighed them every day to make sure they were steadily gaining weight.


Nala’s kittens are a little over a week old now and are nursing well and doing great!