Shelter Cats Visit Seniors Who Can’t Have Pets

In Bangor, Maine, the Cats On Laps program brings adoptable cats to visit the residents of the Phillips Strickland House, a senior home. The kitties, who reside at the Bangor Humane Society, get to enjoy the outing, while the senior residents, who can no longer care for pets, get to spend time with their furry friends. Not only does this brighten up everyone’s day, but it helps socialize the cats in preparation for adoption. How cute is this?! Former BHS foster … Read more

Motorcyclist Risks Life To Save Kitten On Highway

On a busy highway in Hong Kong, a motorcyclist became a hero when he stopped traffic to rescue a helpless kitten in need. Kwok Kin Wai was driving along when he saw a “lump” in the middle of a lane. Tires were just barely dodging it, and soon Wai realized that this wasn’t debris – it was a little ginger kitten! The baby couldn’t move quickly enough to get out of harm’s way on her own, and it seemed that she was … Read more

Wobbly Ginger Kitten Doesn’t Realize He’s Different

One of the things that amazes us the most about animals is their ability to adapt. Whether they’re born with special needs or acquire them during their lifetime, pets with disabilities don’t seem to notice that they’re different – and they love us just the same! Quaffle is one of those inspiring animals. He was at the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Los Angeles, where they discovered that he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH. This makes him wobbly on his feet. … Read more

Dramatic Cat Cries Every Time Daddy Is Out Of Sight

While some cats like their personal space some of the time, many of them like to keep an eye on us as we go about our day. But some kitties take it to the next level, acting like our second shadow and getting upset whenever we go out of sight! The sweet black cat in the video below is definitely attached to his humans, especially his daddy! When he leaves the house, the kitty, named Beast, gets really upset… it even … Read more

Clingy Cat Even Showers With Her Human

It’s not unusual to have a companion at bath time – but most of us opt for a rubber ducky. Michelle Lagestee of the Netherlands has a fuzzier friend who joins her for showers. This is Fristi, and she loves to be washed! Fristi’s enthusiasm for bath time grew gradually. As Michelle would bathe she would leave the door open, and Fristi’s curiosity led her closer and closer to the shower until she finally let herself in! Michelle tells that … Read more

Cat Loves Doing “Trust Falls” Into Her Human’s Arms

Didga is one incredible cat! If the Australia-dwelling feline seems familiar to you, that’s no surprise – the rescue kitty is famous for surfing, skateboarding, and doing all sorts of adventurous tricks. But despite all the incredible things she can do, the simple trick in the video below may be one of her most impressive. With nothing but gentle encouragement, Didga willingly performs “trust falls” for her human! What’s so unbelievable about this stunt is that doing it goes completely against a cat’s … Read more

One-Eyed Rescue Cat Alerts Human Of Home Intruder

Manny may have one eye, but his super-sharp senses detected when something was wrong! The fluffy gray kitty is a former stray who lost his eye in a cat fight. But that’s not the only reason he’s one tough feline!   Manny was adopted 5 months ago, and when he woke his human early one morning, cat-dad Andrew figured that he was just hungry. But when his urgent meows sounded different than usual, he knew something was wrong. “(Manny) sometimes wakes … Read more

2 Kittens Find The Purrfect “Toys” To Play With

For curious, playful kittens, anything can be a toy! Whether it’s a box, a shoestring, or even their own shadow, baby kitties always seem to find a way to entertain themselves. (Which can mean getting into mischief!) The kittens in the video below are lucky to have each other as playmates, and they find the purrfect “toys” to chase: each others’ tails! Watch how they play in the video below: Source: Kitty Cat Tail Chasing by katznkittenz8 on Rumble This adorable … Read more

Watch How These Big Cats Get Into The Easter Spirit

The folks over at Big Cat Rescue sure know how to get into the Easter spirit! They created some adorable holiday – themed cutouts through which they fed their feline residents. As they feasted, they certainly looked festive!   Watch the adorable video below: Wasn’t that clever? We love how they decided to celebrate the occasion. Happy Easter!

Cat Shows Puppy Who REALLY Owns The Dog Bed

  Cat parents know that although they provide the food, pay the bills, and clean the home, it’s really their kitties who are in charge! And when there are dogs in the family? Well, our cats reign over them, too! In the video below, the family cat shows the new puppy — a 10-week-old French Bulldog — who’s really the boss of the house! (Well, how else is he going to learn?) The kitty sits stubbornly in the pup’s bed, and try as he … Read more