After 10 Days Apart, This Cat Isn’t Letting Go When He Sees His Dog Best Friend Again

There is always going to be this big idea that cats and dogs just can’t seem to get along. And truthfully, sometimes they can’t. Whether it be the cat who’s just not feeling the love, or a dog that just wants to chase, there are several times when this old belief is very true. But what about when they do get along?? It’s super cute and I totally love it. It’s so touching to see those interspecies relationships come alive, and it makes us smile each and every time when the two can just work it out and be the best of buds!

When Jasper the cat’s best buddy Bow-Z was away for 10 long days, Jasper missed him terribly. Things just weren’t the same without his best buddy around the house. Their human was smart to record their reunion, and I’m glad he did because it’s one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!

Wasn’t that just awesome?! I’m so glad this real life Milo and Otis are back together again. And I’d have to say, Bow-Z is one patient dog! Share this adorable video with your friends who love animals, just like you!

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Written by Modi Ramos

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