You’ll Be Mesmerized Watching This Chef Make Sushi For His Cats!

YouTubers Rachel and Jun are a married couple living in Japan with their cats Haku, Poki and Nagi. Their furkids live a pretty good life being loved on by their humans, receiving toys from their fans around the world, and getting to eat the delicious, cat-safe food Jun makes for them on his cooking channel, JunsKitchen. Jun prepares mostly cuisine meant for people, but will also occasionally prepare healthy meals for his cats. He likes to celebrate their birthdays by … Read more

Woman Spends Her Life Savings Opening A Cat Cafe & It’s A Success!

Lucky for those of us passionate about cats, caffeine, and animal rescue, cat cafes have popped up all over the world. Most of these hybrid businesses work like this: patrons can sip beverages and nibble snacks while being surrounded by adoptable cats who’ve been brought there by partnering rescues. A post shared by Denver Cat Company (@denvercatco) on Jun 29, 2017 at 4:14pm PDT This genius business plan was the basis for the Denver Cat Company in Colorado, whose founder, Sana … Read more

Cat Expertly Mimics The Chef On A Cooking Show

Do you love watching cooking and baking shows? The kitty in the video below seems to enjoy it, too! As he watches the chef knead dough on the iPad, he seems to mimic the instructions like a true expert. He does such a great job, it really looks like he’s learning how to cook from the show! Take a look at the adorable video below: Source: Cat learns to knead dough through tutorial video by chaowu88 on Rumble Okay, so … Read more

Cat Crashes YouTube Review & Unknowingly Steals The Show

Cats are who they are, and no matter who is watching, and sometimes, it results in a hilarious situation! Popular YouTube channel TheReportOfTheWeek reviews new food and drink products for its 250,000 + subscribers. During a report on Red Bull’s new Kiwi Twist flavor, a fluffy ginger cat hops up on the table and makes himself comfortable right on camera! It’s a long video, so fast forward to 6:15 to see the entrance of the surprise guest.  Less than a minute later, … Read more

Cat Isn’t Scared To Approach Lion At Animal Rescue

Alright, house kitties, I don’t want to see any of you trying this at home! Baggy is a “housemeow” known to hold down the fort at the Care Rescue Texas, a nonprofit organization that serves as a safe haven for exotic animals to find a place where they are loved and cared for, many of which come from a life of abuse, neglect, or breeding. And it’s been said that Baggy is a “tough little cookie”… but even her humans … Read more

Paralyzed Bait Cat Is Rescued, Makes A Recovery You Have To See To Believe

Little Jon is a cat in Turkey who was rescued from a living nightmare. Kids got hold of the young cat and used him as live bait to incite aggression in other animals, so they would fight. It’s a miracle he survived, and when he was found, he was helpless and paralyzed – he’d been left there to die.   Nur Rima Yola, founder of the incredible He’Art of Rescue International, explains to iHeartCats that Little Jon was paralyzed due … Read more

Cat Saved A Soldier & Fate Brought Them Together Forever

If you believe that pets have the power to change our lives, and rescues save us in return for saving them, the story below is sure to pull at your heartstrings. When veteran and Purple Heart recipient Joshua Marnio was serving in Iraq, he heard an explosion nearby and was showered with debris. Although he survived the attack with no visual injuries, he suffered from multiple concussions and a traumatic brain injury, according to a story by 11 Alive.    Marnio was eventually relocated to Ft. … Read more

Cat Owner Secretly Films Maintenance Man & Can’t Believe What He Sees!

When YouTube poster Erich Petersen set up a hidden camera to record the maintenance man working in his home, he was in for a surprise when he watched the footage. “I broke the pull string light switch in my laundry room,” wrote Petersen on YouTube. “My apartment maintenance guy came to fix it and had a great time playing with my cat on his way out.” Watch this employee’s interaction with the resident’s cat!   “I hope you’re not the one that broke … Read more

Sacramento Nuns Accused Of Trapping & Relocating Family Pets

A resident of Gallant Circle in Citrus Heights was taken aback when she saw a cat sitting inside a trap in her neighbor’s yard. Not only was it odd to see a trapped cat, the woman also felt as if this were an omen of sorts, as her cat has been missing since the beginning of the month. She confronted her neighbors, two nuns, and was not pleased with the result. The nuns were setting traps to catch cats and relocate … Read more

Kitty Rolls Around In Catnip-Induced Euphoria

While some cats remain unaffected by catnip, others go bonkers for it! The scent of the herb gives some kitties a euphoric buzz that has them begging for more. The tabby in the video below loves catnip! His human offers him a whiff, and he can’t help but dig right in, spilling the herb all over the floor and rolling himself in it! Even though he made a mess, his mom can’t get mad at that adorable face. A post shared by … Read more