Friendly Cat Is The Purrfect Employee In This Hair Salon

For many people, going to the salon is about more than grooming; it’s about getting pampered, relaxing, and maybe even socializing with the stylists and other patrons. But what could make the whole experience even better? The company of a cat, of course! The Barbar Hair Salon in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has a very hardworking employee who’s the purrfect addition to salon staff. Rescue cat Betty Boo is a four-legged socialite who rules the roost at her mom’s salon. “King of … Read more

Rescue Dog With Separation Anxiety Gets Her Very Own “Therapy Kitten”

In the Spring of 2014, a college student living in Miami walked into a shelter to see a scared, skinny dog with a serious skin condition. For Samantha Kreisler, their connection was immediate. Despite being discouraged by shelter staff, she knew she couldn’t go home without the lonely pup who needed her.   “Lady was actually named Lucy by the shelter. When I got her, her skin on her back legs was so bad and infected, we called her ‘Lady … Read more

Cat Once Owned By Neglectful Breeder Turns A “Dog Person” Into A Cat Dad

R.J. LaCount always considered himself a “dog person.” Needless to say, he never expected to fall head-over-heels for a handsome rescue cat! An animal lover all-around, R.J. grew up surrounded by dogs. It wasn’t until a friend showed him a cat’s photo that he began to think about adopting a feline friend. “I grew up with bulldogs in my family, and fell in love with ‘goofy’ looking animals, but am just not home consistently enough for a dog these days,” … Read more

Officer’s Routine Traffic Stop Leads To A Heartwarming Kitten Rescue

It was a lucky day for a kitten and the driver who was bending the law when Officer McGuire pulled someone over for a routine traffic stop! The policeman was parked on the side of the road when a tiny kitten caught his eye. He decided that the fluffball’s life took priority over a minor traffic violation, so he let the driver go (for which she seemed incredibly grateful), and proceeded with his heroic rescue! “Without hesitation, McGuire walked towards the kitten – … Read more

Sickly Kitten Purchased Online Finds Her Way To A Caring Rescue

Any true animal lover would never consider purchasing a pet online. Although we love browsing adoptable pets’ profiles on the web, the thought of “ordering” a puppy or kitten to be shipped to you from an unknown source is completely ridiculous. Sadly, there is a market for online pet purchasing, and unsurprisingly, they’re almost always sourced from puppy mill-type breeders. Another scary fact: some pet sellers get their “supply” from these mysterious online sources, which is why it’s so important … Read more

Cat Missing For 10 Years Reunited With Family After Being Burned in CA Fire

Pilot was 3 years old when he failed to return to his family one night 10 years ago. Eventually, the Thompson family decided he must have become lunch for a coyote and that they would never see him again, especially when they moved from California to Colorado in 2010. On Halloween of this year, they received a phone call from Petcare Veterinary Hospital in Santa Rosa, California, saying that a Good Samaritan had found Pilot, clearly having been burned more … Read more

Burned Kitty Rescued From Death Row Will “Make Some Family Very Happy”

When Muse was abandoned by his previous owners, it was a huge stroke of bad luck. His misfortune continued when he found himself in a situation that left him badly burned (the exact causes are unknown). And things got worse still when he was picked up by animal control, then immediately put on “death row” due to his injuries. View this post on Instagram My poor back is a mess from the fire, will take some time grow in 😞 … Read more

Woman Adopts Lovable Stray Who Turns Out To Be “8-Cats-In-1” !

Cats have a way of prancing right into your heart and changing your life forever. Rachel – known as EnigmaWearingHeels on Imgur – had no intention of adopting a kitty until a petite ginger and white cutie appeared on her porch with a belly full of kittens. Before she knew it, Rachel was the pawrent of eight-cats-in-one!   Rachel fed the mama-to-be and offered her shelter inside her home. After enjoying her meal, the cat expressed her gratitude by purring and “making … Read more

Adorable Kitten (Literally) Falls Into The Lives Of Woman & Her Housemates

It’s every cat lover’s dream: a fluffy, wide-eyed kitten somehow stumbles into your life, and it’s such a fateful event, you know that you have to keep him… For 28-year-old Ellie Haywood and her housemates, this dream became a reality! A post shared by Asbestos the Roof Cat (@asbestostheroofcat) on Dec 8, 2017 at 1:02am PST It all happened at the house they’re renting in Melbourne, Australia, which is apparently in less-than-stellar condition. In a story by Buzzfeed, Hayworth describes it … Read more

Lots Of Love & A Furry Brother Helps This Sad-Eyed Rescue Cat Come Out Of Her Shell

Mami, the cat with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, was rescued as a kitten when she was found huddled in a dumpster in the middle of winter with her mother and siblings. Mami and her feral family were taken in by a rescue for a chance at a better life. That’s where Sinead Brooks and her then-boyfriend (now husband) Riley come in. The couple, from San Francisco, were living in an apartment building that didn’t allow pets, but Sinead … Read more