Friendly Cat Is The Purrfect Employee In This Hair Salon

For many people, going to the salon is about more than grooming; it’s about getting pampered, relaxing, and maybe even socializing with the stylists and other patrons.

But what could make the whole experience even better? The company of a cat, of course!

The Barbar Hair Salon in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has a very hardworking employee who’s the purrfect addition to salon staff. Rescue cat Betty Boo is a four-legged socialite who rules the roost at her mom’s salon.

“King of the Castle 👑” reads this caption on Instagram.

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Customers who come in for a cut or color get so much more when Betty Boo comes over for a cuddle on their lap. It’s almost like the 7-year-old sweetheart, who was abandoned as a kitten, has dedicated her life to soaking up all the love she can get!

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“Here till 5 guys. 😽”

“I’m good at what I do.”

“Did you just say I had to move?!”

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“Don’t mind me.”

“That’s the spot right there. 😻”

“What do you mean your haircut is finished?! Don’t you dare get up 😿!”

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“Clients’ laps are just as warm as the heater…”

“Back doing my thang! Come say hi!!”

“Human, get off your phone and scratch my neck! Please 😽”

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“Hard day in the office today.”

Betty Boo is clearly a dedicated employee! See more adorable photos of the friendly feline on Instagram by following @bettyboo_thesaloncat.

Would you go to a hair salon because they had a resident kitty? Tell us in the comments below!

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