New App Lets Your Cat Get Crazy With Selfies

You’ve seen cat pictures that make it look like felines are snapping their own selfies, but usually it’s the result of clever positioning. But with the Candid Catmera app, kitties actually take pictures of themselves – even when you’re not there! Here’s how it works: the app is specifically designed to recognize the feline face. When it’s active, it gets your cat’s attention by playing interesting noises and running tantalizing images on the screen. When your feline friend goes to investigate, it takes … Read more

Dramatic Kitten Tells Her Human She Simply Can’t Get Out Of Bed

All kittens are adorable, but talkative kittens are extra-irresistible! This little sleeping beauty is a Scottish Fold mix named Luna Rose. In the video below, she simply cannot get up off that soft blanket – and she’s not afraid to tell her human! We wonder if this video was taken on a rainy Monday… A video posted by Luna Rose (@hello_luna_rose) on Sep 9, 2016 at 8:08am PDT So adorable! I think she speaks for all of us when our alarms go off … Read more

Cat Shows Incredible Patience & Affection To His Human Baby Brother

When people are pet parents before they have human babies, they’re often concerned how their furry family members will react once their new bundle of joy comes along. “They were not sure how their adopted cat would react to their baby,” reads the caption on this video, posted by BoredPandaAnimals. But as it turns out, these parents had nothing to fear because cat Lemsie is absolutely in love with his new baby brother! In the video, you’ll see how the baby … Read more

Cat Brothers Chaos & Havoc Love Living Up To Their Names

When pets are given the perfect names, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether their names were inspired by their personalities, or the other way around! Meet Chaos and Havoc, a pair of kitty brothers who love getting into mischief together! “We were adopted from a local shelter at 9 months old and have been causing mayhem ever since,” reads the duo’s Instagram page. A photo posted by Chaos and Havoc (@chaos_and_havoc) on Aug 7, 2014 at 7:11pm PDT Their parents love … Read more

Watch These Adorable Kittens Try To Squeeze Themselves Into A Tiny Tissue Box

Cats love squeezing themselves into tight spaces, and have a particular affinity for boxes. A kitty’s love for cardboard seems to be its birthright, as they show interest in it from the time they’re tiny kittens. The tiny kitten in this video can’t help but shimmy himself into an empty tissue box! He enjoys himself so much that his little buddy even tries to hop in, too! You have to see this cuteness: What a great place to play! Think they’re particular to … Read more

When They Went To Find The Cat, They Found Her Napping In The Cutest Way Possible!

Get ready for some cuteness! In the video below, it appears that this kitty’s human goes to check on her. As it turns out, she decided it was time for a “cat nap,” although she snoozes just like a human baby! And the way she moves her little paw when her human strokes her head–so adorable!   Just try to watch this without saying “awww!” 今現在の鉄朗の様子 — スミエ(チップ) (@goma_chips) July 16, 2016 What a good sleeper! This kitty definitely feels safe … Read more

Kitten Meets A Turtle–And The Cuteness Will Make You Squeal With Delight!

Here’s a tale of a tortoise and a hare–or rather, a turtle and a hair-y kitten! As if this fluffy kitten wasn’t adorable enough in all its mini-leopard glory, when this fluffball is introduced to a green-shelled playmate, there is serious confusion (but curiosity, nonetheless). Get ready to meet one of the bounciest kittens you’ve ever seen! What happens when you mix a slow-crawling turtle with a wide-eyed kitten? UNBEARABLE CUTENESS! Check it out: lolVia: ViralHog Posted by Distractify Animals on Friday, March 4, 2016

This Genius Blog Pairs Cute Cats And Handsome Hunks

What’s better than fuzzy felines and foxy men? Well, to be honest…not much! (Just throw in something chocolate, and we’re pretty much in Heaven.) The French blog Des Hommes et Des Chatons, or “Men and Cats” makes pairings so simply perfect, we wish we’d come up with this idea ourselves. However, it’s hard to imagine anyone else totally nailing these side-by-side photos of hairballs and heartthrobs in similar poses. Some of the men are celebrities and some are models, but all are dashingly handsome. … Read more

16 Cats That Are So Adorable, They’ll Turn Anyone Into A Cat Lover!

There seems to be a very distinct difference between “Cat People” and “Dog People”–and even those who have a genuine appreciation for both! But whether you relate more to the graceful, independent spirit of a feline or the silly, friendly nature of a canine, one thing is for sure: it is nearly impossible for anyone to look at these fluffy kitties without saying “aww!” at least once! Here are 16 pictures that can make anyone appreciate the beauty of a cat, and may even … Read more

After 10 Days Apart, This Cat Isn’t Letting Go When He Sees His Dog Best Friend Again

There is always going to be this big idea that cats and dogs just can’t seem to get along. And truthfully, sometimes they can’t. Whether it be the cat who’s just not feeling the love, or a dog that just wants to chase, there are several times when this old belief is very true. But what about when they do get along?? It’s super cute and I totally love it. It’s so touching to see those interspecies relationships come alive, and … Read more