New App Lets Your Cat Get Crazy With Selfies

Written by: Adri Sandoval
Adri Sandoval is the Special Projects Manager for iHeartDogs and iHeartCats. Her work has deepened her love for animals, fostering a strong passion for rescue and animal advocacy.Read more
| Published on December 21, 2016

You’ve seen cat pictures that make it look like felines are snapping their own selfies, but usually it’s the result of clever positioning. But with the Candid Catmera app, kitties actually take pictures of themselves – even when you’re not there!

Here’s how it works: the app is specifically designed to recognize the feline face. When it’s active, it gets your cat’s attention by playing interesting noises and running tantalizing images on the screen. When your feline friend goes to investigate, it takes snapshots, which are then texted to you. That way, you can easily post your favorite poses on social media, from wherever you are!

Check out this video on the Candid Catmera app:

While the app is an affordable $1.99, the best part about the price is that $1 is donated to the SPCA with each purchase. Feline photos and philanthropy – what can be better than that?

Would you buy this app for your cat?

(h/t: Adweek)