Little Kitten Hugs Therapeutic Salt Lamp For Warmth & Comfort

| Published on December 22, 2016

A little kitten named Selenite has taken on her owner’s healthy mindset and regularly comforts herself with the warmth of a therapeutic salt lamp. Her owner, Celeste Lousie Broxsom, works at Island Iridology and Holistic Healing near their home in Fiji. Therapeutic salt lamps are a popular source of peaceful ambience for those that need healing in their lives. Salt lamps are known to bring emotional stability and balance in our lives and it appears that Selenite takes her mom’s work very seriously.

Broxsom says it’s a pretty regular thing for Selenite to hang onto the salt lamp. Perhaps she feels the positive energy and balance that the lamp emits. Or maybe she’s just trying to get warm and comfortable… We won’t really know, but we can certainly see that she enjoys spending time with the lamp and that it makes her happy. This little video shows just how adorably cozy she is!


It’s not unusual for pets to hang around sources of balance and positivity and you might notice your own cat likes to snuggle up near healing crystals and lamps. If you do, post your pictures in the comments below! We’d love to see them!