Cat Brothers Chaos & Havoc Love Living Up To Their Names


When pets are given the perfect names, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether their names were inspired by their personalities, or the other way around!

Meet Chaos and Havoc, a pair of kitty brothers who love getting into mischief together! “We were adopted from a local shelter at 9 months old and have been causing mayhem ever since,” reads the duo’s Instagram page.

Their parents love them and all their craziness, and there’s no doubt that these funny felines provide them with extra laughs every single day.

Sometimes, they even try to get their other sibling involved!

Take a look at some of their hilarious antics:

Aren’t they hysterical? Occasionally, they do take a break from their mischievous ways.

You can follow these silly siblings on Instagram @chaos_and_havoc.

Do you have a couple of kitties who just love getting into trouble together? Tell us about them!

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