Friendly Kitty Helps Her Postman BFF Be The Best Mail Carrier He Can Be


Neither snow nor rain nor smelly neighborhood dog keeps this cat from aiding her best buddy in completing his mail rounds!

Each day as Levi the Postman rides his bike through Taranaki, New Zealand delivering mail to the residents on his route, a friendly cat waits patiently for his arrival.

Image Source: Twitter/ New Zealand Post


When the kitty spots Levi she springs to action – leading the way to the next mailbox, hopping onto it, and leaping right into the mail carrier’s basket for their daily greeting.

The New Zealand Post shared this sweet video of the unlikely friendship on their Twitter page.

Levi refers to the happy, purring cat affectionately as “my little friend.” After some vigorous neck scratches and kitty head-butts, Levi is back on his way to complete his rounds.

They say pets in the workplace decrease stress and improve productivity. This little kitty assistant may not be able to deliver the mail, but she definitely helps brighten her Postie-pal’s day!

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