Cat Saves Owner By Attacking & Injuring Burglar In Action

When we think of having animals for protection, we usually imagine specially trained dogs. However, one cat wants us to know that he has what it takes to hold his ground against an intruder. Binky the cat even surprised his owner, Cynthia Kootz, by his brave actions.   Kootz, her boyfriend, and Binky had heard a noise behind their garage around midnight, but the humans decided to ignore it. Binky, on the other hand, began growling. Minutes later, a man started … Read more

2-Legged Cat & His Handi-Capable Sister Show That With Love, Anything Is Possible

Just a few years ago internet celebri-cat, Able Maew was just another stray trying to survive on the streets of Lat Prao, Thailand. Today he has a loving home, an adopted sister, and nearly 70,000 Instagram followers. After losing his tail and two front legs in an accident, Able had to relearn everything, from standing up to tackling stairs. Despite their disabilities, Able and his sister, FinFin – who is paralyzed in her rear limbs – run, jump, play and … Read more

Adopted Littermates Reunite After 2 Years When Their Owners Fall In Love

Two bonded kittens are together again thanks to a lovely twist of fate! On Valentine’s Day last year, Petaluma Animal Services received word that Ozzy and Butter – part of a litter of 6 they rescued back in 2014 – had been reunited when their owners met online and fell in love. After 2 years apart these ginger cuties are picking up right where they left off, romping and snuggling once again! Cathleen Cavin met Brian Herrera through an online dating … Read more

No One Can Beat This Clever Cat At His Favorite Game

We all know that cats are super smart, but this clever kitty purrfectly illustrates just how observant they can be! Snow the American Curl has a favorite game, and he can’t be beat! When his human hides a ping-pong ball under a series of cups and switches them around, he’s always able to keep track of where its hidden. In this game, the kitty’s amazing hunting skills are put to good use! Watch him ace the challenge below: A video posted … Read more

Brave Cat Guards His Family From An Intruder

When people think of “guarding” animals, dogs usually come to mind. But this brave house cat proves that felines can turn ferocious when it comes to protecting their families! When Waffle saw a bobcat approach the glass door of his Telluride, Colorado home, he made sure to show the intruder that he meant business. Hissing and scratching (while safely behind the door, of course!), the ginger guardian wanted the big cat to know that he was not welcome in the house! “If it … Read more

Watch This Paternal Cat Comfort A Goat While She’s In Labor

We’ve seen dozens of stories of criss-species friendships (and we love them all), but this unique relationship is certainly a first! When a pregnant goat went into labor, Pretty Boy, a fluffy ginger cat, took it upon himself to become her stand-in birthing coach! From snuggling beside her to massaging her belly while she had contractions, Pretty Boy made the strenuous process a little easier for his goat friend. Watch the amazing video below: Those sweet little baby goats are just … Read more

Cat Found In Basement With 5lbs Of Matted Fur

When a maintenance worker went into a client’s basement, he had no idea he’d discover more than a utility problem. Living on the cold, damp concrete, there was a cat that was so matted and filthy, he barely resembled a feline at all. With long, tangled fur covered in dust, dirt, and debris, the poor kitty could barely walk and must have been in excruciating pain. The home belonged to an elderly man whose mental health was failing. But the Persian’s … Read more

Police Finally Capture Fugitive, Thanks To The Help Of A Black Cat

We cat-lovers know that black cats are lucky. But if you asked the fugitive in this story, he may not agree… When police in Pennsylvania caught up with 23-year-old Jonathan Michael Steffy, who had a warrant out for his arrest, he ran and hid. Police thought they’d lost track of him, until they noticed a black cat staring “intently” at a nearby shed. The officers opened the shed and found it empty. But when they looked back at the black cat for guidance, they … Read more

Watch This Cat Effortlessly Scale A Rock Wall

If you’ve ever been rock climbing, you know how challenging it can be. And if you’re afraid of heights? Forget about it! Those tiny hand and footholds are not easy to scale… …that is, unless you’re a cat! It’s common knowledge that cats like to climb and perch, but this athletic feline takes it to a whole new level. While we’re not sure why there’s a kitty at the rock gym, we do know he can scale that high, steep … Read more

This Cat Does Tricks Better Than Most Dogs!

Some animals can do amazing tricks. They are very intelligent and can learn so much with the right training. Normally, cat tricks differ from dog tricks, but this Bengal cat is so special. Instead of showing off “cat tricks,” he performs tricks that we usually associate with dogs!   You have to see it to believe it: Training your pets requires a lot of patience and determination. This is one talented cat that every cat lover would love to see. Please leave … Read more