Cat Found In Basement With 5lbs Of Matted Fur

When a maintenance worker went into a client’s basement, he had no idea he’d discover more than a utility problem.

Living on the cold, damp concrete, there was a cat that was so matted and filthy, he barely resembled a feline at all. With long, tangled fur covered in dust, dirt, and debris, the poor kitty could barely walk and must have been in excruciating pain.

The home belonged to an elderly man whose mental health was failing. But the Persian’s luck was about to change. Knowing the cat was suffering from extreme neglect, the maintenance worker called the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago, Illinois.

The kitty’s owner knew that he could not take care of his pet, so he let the organization take him under their wing. It was the only way to give the kitty the help he so desperately needed.

At the Anti-Cruelty Society, staff shaved a whopping 5 pounds of fur off his skinny body.

Aside from being a little thin and shaky on his legs (he’d been dragging around heavy clumps of fur, after all!) the relieved kitty was in decent health. He was given the name Sinbad.

Sinbad was incredibly lovable and friendly, much to the staff’s surprise. It wasn’t long before he was eating, gaining strength, and even jumping on furniture! Without all those mats weighing him down, he must have felt light as a feather.

Sinbad went on to live in a foster home, where his foster dad, Elliot, failed in the best way possible: he became a foster failure! (And who could blame him for falling in love with that beautiful face and those yellow saucer eyes?!)

Now, this pretty Persian will never have to worry about being neglected again. He’s got all the love, attention, and care that he deserves, and will continue to be spoiled for the rest of his life!

We wish the very best to Elliot and Sinbad, who look like they make a purrfect pair!

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