Cat And Her Tiny Human Have Been Nap Buddies Since They Were Babies

| Published on January 9, 2017

Most children seem to love animals, but this little girl seems to have a special bond with cats. Her parents call her the “cat whisperer,” because she’s been able to make friends with felines nobody else could get near. But her special kitty is the one she grew up with. The kitten and young girl are inseparable, having grown up together since they were both just teeny babies. Thankfully, her parents documented the two growing up and we get to see how they change and develop together over time. It’s a really amazing photo album and we want to thank them for sharing such an awesome story!

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Meet a girl who loves cats

No matter how big and mature they get, these two are always side by side. Their friendship and bond seems to grow stronger by the day and we can’t help but hope for many more photos in the future!