Missing Cat Comes Home, Rings Doorbell and Meows to Get Inside Weeks Later

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 26, 2024

When Stefanie Whitley’s eight-year-old cat, Lilly, disappeared from their Mastic Beach, New York neighborhood, her family was filled with worry and fear.

Lilly, who often exhibited dog-like behavior, was always by Whitley’s side, even during walks. Her sudden absence was highly unusual.

Two weeks later, around 10 p.m., the family was watching television when they received an unexpected alert on their phones. It was from their front doorbell camera. Puzzled, they wondered who could be at their door so late.

Upon checking the video feed, they were astonished to see Lilly at the door, staring back at them. Their dear cat had found her way home and was ringing the doorbell, meowing to be let in.

The family was overwhelmed with emotion, laughing and crying as they hurried to open the door and welcome Lilly back inside.

“I didn’t feel like she was coming home,” Whitley told Patch. “And, honestly, I feel like if she had not been detected on the Ring camera, we would have not known she was there.”

Since her return, Lilly has stayed indoors and shown no desire to venture outside again, seemingly missing her family as much as they missed her.

Whitley had adopted Lilly at just four weeks old after a fireman rescued her and her littermates. It was love at first sight for Whitley, who took the tiny kitten home, hand-raising and bottle-feeding her until she was strong enough to eat on her own. This special bond formed the foundation of their close relationship, and their story continues to warm hearts.

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