Shelter Overrun With Cats Gets Help From The Local Police Department

| Published on July 31, 2019

The community of Muncie, Indiana is making headlines after the local police department made a unique offer to the public. As a result, a slew of shelter cats and kittens received much needed food and supplies.

See, the Muncie Police Department caught wind of a problem at a local shelter, Muncie Animal Care and Services. The shelter had been overrun with cats and kittens, currently housing and caring for around 350 of them. They were having a hard time finding the budget to maintain the food and litter supplies necessary for such a large population.

That’s where the Muncie Police Department stepped in. They reached out to the community via Facebook live (clip below) and made them a surprising offer. Anyone with outstanding parking tickets could donate cat or kitten food, litter, or other supplies like paper for the kennels in the amount of their outstanding parking ticket debt to Muncie Animal Care and Services. Their parking ticket would then be considered dismissed.

Photo Muncie Police Department Facebook

The offer was open from July 15 at 11 am until July 19 at 4 pm. People were invited to bring their donations to the shelter, to the Police Chief’s office at City Hall or have a uniformed officer come to their location to pick up the donations. What a heartwarming display of charity!

The shelter was blown away by the response. Donations of food, litter, blankets, beds and more came pouring in. What was once a nearly empty storage area quickly filled with bags upon bags of desperately needed supplies. The people of Muncie really know how to rally around a shelter in need!

Ask and you shall receive!

Photos Muncie Police Department Facebook

“This room was almost empty before we started!” the police department wrote. “Most of the folks that donated didn’t even have parking tickets.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from the community, and this is such a wonderful opportunity to help your local shelter,” Muncie ACS wrote. “Thank you to the Muncie Police Department for putting this together!”

The Police Department reminded the public via Facebook that the shelter is always in need and ready to accept donations of any size. If you want to make a contribution, you can find Muncie Animal Care and Services on Facebook.

Video Muncie Animal Care and Services Facebook
Featured Image Muncie Police Department Facebook