Warning: Popular Cleaning Product Is Dangerously Toxic To Cats


Donna Brydon is a dog mom to an adorable King Charles Spaniel named Skye. The pair had a close call and scary situation recently after the 12-week old puppy came into contact with a popular cleaning product. Brydon shared her story to warn families with pets that the product could make your fur baby sick, or worse. Visited a Friend’s House With Freshly Mopped Floors Donna and Skye went to visit a friend who had just cleaned her floors with … Read more

Gentle Dog Has Helped Raise Hundreds Of “Bottle Baby” Kittens

Maddie Fang has fostered more than 100 kittens. She shares her experience on @fangsfosters where you can see kitten photos that will melt your heart. She has a particular affection for bottle feeders, helping them grow in preparation for adoption. It’s a great deal of work to nurture itty bitty kitties but Maddie manages with a little help from a friend. Her dog Leo plays a big role protecting, cleaning, and loving the kittens. View this post on Instagram Big boy … Read more

Dietary Considerations for the 6 Stages of Your Cat’s Life

In order to ensure that your cat lives the longest, healthiest life possible it is important to understand the different life stages your cat will encounter. As a pet parent you will adjust your cat’s living environment, bedding, toys, and routines to meet dynamic needs. One of the most important considerations you will make in your life together is how you will meet your cat’s dietary requirements. Those will change at each stage based on activity level, metabolic rate, energy … Read more

Law Office Employs Stray Cat To Quiet Coworker Complaints

cat lawyer with badge

It takes a special kind of killjoy to complain about an adorable kitten taking refuge in an office building’s lobby but naysayers were recently lining up to do just that at a law office in Brazil. Not to be deterred from providing a safe haven to the fuzzy little kitten, the clever legal team found a perfect loophole allowing the cute kitten to stay for good, whether the party poopers “like it or not.” They named the tiny male stray … Read more

Have a Picky Eating Kitty? We Have a Finicky Cat Fix

There is a particular glare that can come from a kitty who is not impressed with the contents of their kibble dish. Cat lovers everywhere have seen it. Without saying a word, the disappointed cat expresses heaps of disdain, as if to say, “You expect me to eat this?” Parents to finicky felines, get ready! We found a special little something that will please even the most difficult to satisfy feline. And on top of that, it gives a nutritional … Read more

Why Does My Kitty Eat Like a Little Piggy?

You fill the bowl. She scarfs it down. She looks at you with those eyes, imploring you to give her more. You’ve tried small portions more frequently throughout the day and big portions one or two times a day. You’ve given in, ignored, and put a pillow over your head to drown out the incessant “meow, meow, MEOW” coming from the kitchen. Why, you wonder, does your kitty eat like a little piggy? No matter how much or how often … Read more

UPDATE: Clear the Shelters 2019 – You Won’t Believe the Difference That You Made

Drum roll, please! So far, the 5th annual Clear the Shelters event accounted for over 160,000 adoptions across the country, crushing the 2018 total of 103,000. To every one of you that shared a post, volunteered time, fostered, adopted, or contributed in any way… big or small, THANK YOU! This life saving event took place at over 1400 shelters and rescue groups and the publicity surrounding the events helped drive participation. Adoption records were shattered in many cities this year. With … Read more

Lifelong Cat Lover Leaves Amazing Legacy for Feline Friends in Need

Judy McKonly loved animals her entire life, but she always had a special affinity for cats. She dreamed of putting her family’s fortune to good use by one day opening a cat shelter like no other. Unfortunately, she passed away before her dream became a reality. Her family carried out her dream using $1.5 million dollars in seed money from the family’s nonprofit, The McKonly Foundation. Image Screenshot WGAL YouTube Built to Please Cat Residents The Columbia Animal Shelter is … Read more

Enormous Tabby Crashes Shelter Website with His Cuteness

The Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia has an extremely large and popular cat in their care. Based on the response of potential adopters, he won’t be a resident at the refuge for very long. His name is Mr. B and he is 26 pounds of cuddly love. Not only is his large stature entirely appealing, he has the cutest puffy mouth that appears to be pursed lips and green eyes that seem very serious. In short, he is large, adorable, … Read more

Clear the Shelters: 5th Annual Nationwide Adoption Event this Saturday

This Saturday, August 17 is a huge day for shelter animals coast to coast. For the 5th year running, Clear the Shelters will take place at over 1400 shelters and rescue organizations. For those in need of being adopted, this Saturday could be their big break! For 250,000 lucky pets, that is exactly what has happened since the first Clear the Shelters in 2015. What is Clear the Shelters? Organizations participating in the event offer special incentives, such as waived … Read more