Sergeant Whiskers & Her Kittens Need Your Help Getting Home To The U.S.

Sergeant Kelsey is soon to return home to America from deployment in the Middle East, but she doesn’t want to leave her best friend and her kittens behind. That friend is Sergeant Whiskers, a ginger tabby cat who found Sergeant Kelsey when she needed help getting back on her paws so she could care for her young.

And now that a return to the states is on the horizon for Sergeant Kelsey, the race is on to secure a trip home for the mama cat and her kittens.

Every day,  Guardians of Rescue Inc. works hard to keep families together, and they’re asking for your help in saving Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens. This sweet ginger girl and her little ones already have the promise of forever waiting in the U.S., so let’s help make this dream come true, cat lovers!


A Bond is Born

Sergeant Kelsey was six weeks into her tour of duty when she noticed a sickly orange cat hanging about. She felt compelled to help the cat because, as the Guardians of Rescue shared, “She was malnourished, had wounds on her eyes and nose, and her tail was broken.”

Stray cats have a hard enough time surviving in the streets, but this sick cat also faced temperatures of up to 126 degrees. That kind of heat is hard on anyone, but Whiskers had to bear those temps, scrounging for food and water while ill and in pain. Plus, as Sergeant Kelsey soon learned, Whiskers wasn’t just caring for herself, but her two nursing kittens as well.


Once Whiskers realized she’d found a friend in Sergeant Kelsey, the sweet kitty surprised her new buddy when she led her to meet her two young kittens. Soon, Sergeant Kelsey was nursing Whiskers and her kittens back to health.

Sergeant Kelsey “found her resilience and fight to survive inspiring,” and the bond between the soldier and cat soon grew strong and unbreakable. While Sergeant Kelsey and her team gave the gift of a second chance to the kitty family, the cats gifted them something as well, providing “comfort, strength, and peace to the soldiers in a harsh environment.”


Time to Come Forever Home

Knowing her time in the Middle East was almost done, Sergeant Kelsey knew Whiskers and the kittens had to come to the U.S. with her. She couldn’t leave them to the harshness of the land or to the uncertainly of the stray life. So, she would adopt Sergeant Whiskers while a fellow Sergeant would grow her family by two cute kittens. For help in getting their feline friends home, they reached out to Guardians of Rescue.

“Unable to bring themselves to leave their furry friends behind in a place that is inhospitable to such animals, the soldiers are desperate to have them relocated back to the U.S., where they can live out their life in comfort and safety.”


Getting Whiskers and her kittens home to the U.S. isn’t the easiest of processes, though.

As Guardians of Rescue explained, “The process to relocate to the pets to America is not easy, but the challenges can be met, and the mission can be successful.”


Let’s Make The Mission a Success

To make the journey possible for Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens, Guardians of Rescue needs your help as “the costs for relocating the pets add up quickly for medical care, airfare, fees, and more,” according to Robert Misseri, president and co-founder of Guardians of Rescue.

“We are honored to help relocate these pets back to the soldiers’ home states, so they can live with their families,” explained Misseri. “But it’s something that we can’t do alone. We have to have the support from the public in order to help make a mission like this be successful.”

Visit the Guardians of Rescue’s Save Sergeant Whiskers Donation Page, and let’s get Sergeant Whiskers and her kittens home to America!


“We want to provide the support to our soldiers and we will do everything we can to help their wish come true. We appreciate any donations to help get Sgt. Whiskers and her babies to safety.”

Follow Guardians of Rescue on Facebook to keep up with their mission of keeping families together!

Feature Image: Guardians of Rescue/Facebook

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