Ragdoll Kitty Dramatically Reacts To Catching Her Human “Cheating”

As we know, cats have an extensive list of things they’d prefer not to do with their humans. For example, they don’t take kindly to being cradled like babies, bathed like dogs or dressed up like dolls.

As the gorgeous Ragdoll cat in this video demonstrates, another pesky peccadillo they can certainly live without is the aroma of another feline on their human’s skin.

A video posted by Bailey Belle (@baileyragdoll) on

Bailey Belle of the Instagram page, BaileyRagDoll is enjoying a tender moment with her human when she suddenly jerks backwards in revulsion. Apparently something about their usual finger-licking routine has struck Bailey as “off.” Her Caribbean blue eyes appear to say, “Is that a Domestic Shorthair I taste on your flesh??”

We may never know what poor Bailey discovered about her human that day, but in the future it might be best to wash your hands before greeting such a sensitive feline. Rookie mistake, human!

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