Ragdoll Kitty Dramatically Reacts To Catching Her Human “Cheating”

As we know, cats have an extensive list of things they’d prefer not to do with their humans. For example, they don’t take kindly to being cradled like babies, bathed like dogs or dressed up like dolls. As the gorgeous Ragdoll cat in this video demonstrates, another pesky peccadillo they can certainly live without is the aroma of another feline on their human’s skin. A video posted by Bailey Belle (@baileyragdoll) on Mar 29, 2016 at 6:12pm PDT Bailey Belle of the … Read more

This Cat’s Reaction Is Priceless When He Realizes His Human Touched Another Cat

We know dogs can act jealous, but is your cat the “jealous type”? Cats do get jealous. They get jealous of other pets, other humans, and with other cats. Cats can be quite possessive of their humans. They want all the attention to be focused on them. Cats have different ways of showing their jealousy, and the cat in the video below makes sure that his human knows that he does not approve of her touching another cat! Watch the … Read more