Orphaned Bobcat Kitten Finds Hope After Tragedy With New Siblings

When nature collides with modern life the results can be tragic. A little Bobcat kitten named Autumn experienced this firsthand when his mother and brother were killed on a busy Minnesota highway.

Autumn was rescued and taken to The Wildcat Sanctuary. The staff was prepared to give Autumn everything he needed to thrive including proper diet, an enriching enclosure and a lifetime of safety from the outside world.

The only thing missing was a family.

Image Source: The Wildcat Sanctuary


The Wildcat Sanctuary reached out to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona who had recently taken in two male bobcat siblings just a few months older than Autumn. The boys – who are yet to be named – were taken in by a well-intentioned family who thought they were orphaned by their mother. Having imprinted on humans, there was no way they could safely be returned to the wild.

Image Source: The Wildcat Sanctuary


Together the two rescue organizations determined that the brothers would be transferred to The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota where they would meet (and hopefully bond) with Autumn.

All three kittens were introduced into their new habitat at the same time in order to avoid any territorial behavior. The brothers instantly approached Autumn, but he was too overwhelmed to socialize. He hissed and kept his distance for the rest of the day as the siblings romped and played in their new sanctuary.

Image Source: The Wildcat Sanctuary


The next morning when the caretakers arrived to check on the kittens they discovered a heartwarming sight – all three were snuggled together sleeping in a big pile! The adorable trio have been inseparable ever since.

Check out this video of the new adoptive siblings getting to know one another.


To donate to the life-saving mission of The Wildlife Sanctuary, click here. Wishing you a wonderful life together!


At first, rescuers thought that the beautiful Autumn was a “she,” but the kitten turned out to be a “he”!

This gorgeous boy is still thriving at the sanctuary.

His sanctuary brothers, named Francis and Belvedere, are also enjoying growing up in health and safety. Good luck to this trusty trio!

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