Two Strays Found Cuddling Under A Car Can’t Live Without Each Other

| Published on October 15, 2016

It’s not every day that dogs and cats get along and a shelter in Chula Vista, California was surprised when they picked up two strays together. The orange tabby and Miniature Schnauzer were found homeless and taken in by Chula Vista Animal Care Facility. Operating under their standard procedures, the cat and dog were separated and kept in different areas of the shelter. This makes sense, because most cats and dogs don’t get along together. In fact, most shelters have designated areas for each species, so the act wasn’t unusual.

What was unusual is the immediate decline in both pets. The cat, now named Romeo, became quite lovesick when Juliet, the dog, was taken into the dog kenneling area. Shelter administrator Amanda Mills told ABC News, “When the dog was out in the kennel, the cat just really wasn’t doing very well […] Romeo got kind of sick, pretty depressed. He wasn’t eating well, and he was lethargic and didn’t want to play. Even his coat and fur weren’t in good condition.” She added, “They just needed to be together […] As soon as Romeo saw Juliet again, he just perked right up. The cat finally started playing and eating again.”

The shelter staff immediately knew the two had to be kept together, so they designated a special area for Romeo and Juliet to stay. Now that the duo is kept side by side, they’re faring quite well. The next task, of course, is to find them forever homes. But the shelter has one requirement – the two must be adopted together. It only makes sense, of course, because the pair is so closely bonded.