Opera Cat Steals The Show In Viral Video That Proves He’s A Purrfect Diva

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on August 22, 2022

The feline species has long been rich with talent and charm, producing prodigies on paws that amaze us at every turn. Maximino is one of these cats of extreme ability and is not shy about sharing his gift of song. The fluffy diva wants everyone to enjoy his melodious voice so much he’s got no problem stealing a spotlight.

Captured on camera stealing cat lady and opera singer Maura’s moment, Maximino has also stolen the hearts of millions of TikTok users in a viral video showcasing his talents.

A Purrfect Duet

Ten years ago, Maura moved from Mexico to the U.S. to train in classical singing. But as she told Newsweek, it’s been a while since she had a chance to perform.

“The last time I sang with a legit opera company was back in 2018 when I was getting my music degree,” Maura said. “I then transitioned to being a choir director, but I miss performing.”

But thanks to her cat Maximino, a TikTok post has put her back in the spotlight, with the video of their impromptu duet garnering more than five million views and almost a million and a half likes.

The short clip, posted to @maura.music on TikTok, opened with Maura beautifully singing an opera piece. As she readied for the next chorus, Maximino jumped onto her desk, hogging up the space. Maura tried to scoot the pushy floof out of the way, but the furry boy had other ideas.

And before Maura could release another note, Maximino took up the tune, singing in tempo with the bouncy rhythm. Watching the clever cat perform, Maura laughed at Maximino’s stellar debut, creating an extra layer of adorability to this cute cat video!

When he concluded his solo, Maximino simply hopped down and walked away with a catittude that smacked of “concert over, cherish the experience, no encores from this kitty!” Well, at least not at that moment.

Further postings from Maura have revealed Maximino as a regular singer who doesn’t mind meowing out a tune in duet with his massively talented human.

Music Appreciation

It’s easy to see that Maura and Maximino were meant for each other as they both share a passion for singing. Maura tells Newsweek that their dedication to music binds them, “He loves music, and the only way I can get him to follow me is by whistling his favorite tunes.”

She also reports the furry boy often “screams” to get what he wants most, her attention. Maximino sounds like a right purrfect diva! And that others find so much joy in her dear kitty warms Maura’s heart.

“I could not believe so many people were reacting and posting so many sweet comments,” shared Maura. “It made my day, and it made me happy to share smiles with others.”

To catch more of Maura and Maximino’s duets, follow @maura.music on TikTok.

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Feature Image: @maura.music/TikTok