Beemo The Cat Dares You Not To Fall In Love With Her Adorably Annoyed Face

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on July 15, 2022

If you’re a member of the Facebook group HOW ABSOLUTE DARE, then you’ve probably encountered Beemo, a pixie of a Singapura who wears an irritated mien. If you’re not part of the group, here’s your introduction to one of the most awesomely annoyed cutie cats you’ll ever have the pleasure of digitally meeting.

And though eight-year-old Beemo may not look thrilled to meet you, she’s very pleased to make your acquaintance as this Singa sweetheart loves people. In fact, Beemo loves people as much as she loves attention, so in her opinion, the more humans lavishing her with love, the better! So, let’s give this darling diva the audience she deserves!

The Story of Beemo

After Amanda Seelen and her partner said goodbye to one of their two Chihuahuas, their remaining Chi became a sad little shadow who needed a friend. The devoted pawrents decided a small cat might be the best buddy for their pup.

“We literally googled ‘small dog like cat’ and the Singapura breed popped up,” Amanda explained to iHeartCats. “We had never heard of it or seen a Singa before so we did a stack of research and decided that it was the perfect breed and temperament for our situation.”

Meeting Beemo for the first time, Amanda was smitten by the tiny Singapura’s need for love and snuggles! Little did she know, her lovey-dovey kitten would grow into a Velcro cat that craved connection. From the moment Beemo stepped her tiny paws into her forever home, she owned the place and her parents’ hearts.

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But while Beemo had her humans right where she wanted them from the start, they still needed some training as they had a bad habit of using the word ‘no’ in regards to her demands. By covering them in hugs and cuddles at all hours of the day, the clever cat trained that nasty word right out of their vocabulary! Beemo has also taught her mom that kitty snuggles must be given when requested, no matter what Amanda might be doing.

“I’ve actually had her swaddled like a baby so I could walk around the house AND tend to her cuddle demands at the same time,” shared Amanda. “She crawls up inside my tops and pops her little head out of the neck and goes to sleep.”

When asked about her demanding ways, Beemo simply shrugged and said, “I get everything I want.”

And that’s how it should be for a sweetheart who lives to love her family!

That Interestingly Irritated Look

Being a Singapura, Beemo is a dainty thing. But for all her tininess, she’s big on personality. Sassy, sweet, and with a face that sometimes drips scorn, Beemo is the queen of stink eye. And she comes by it honest as her breed is known for their Singapura Stink Eye.

As we’ve learned, Beemo has the stink eye skill down to an art, but scars across her nose give her huffy expression an even sharper edge. Amanda explained that Beemo has a bad habit of chewing her thumbnails and then scratching at her face. A vet has cleared Beemo of any issues, so it’s just one of the many quirks cats can develop. And no matter how many nail trims she receives, Beemo still scratches, leaving her nose with a look of crinkly dissatisfaction.

But the nose scratching isn’t Beemo’s only silly kitty quirk.

“She also loves human hair and gives very violent head massages.”

But Beemo explained she gives the head massages because she just loves people so darn much!

Amanda confirmed Beemo’s love of human minions, saying, “She will sit on anyone’s lap and demand their attention by tapping them on the hand and is not afraid to lap hop until she finds someone who will give her the attention she deserves.”

“She is 100% diva. ALWAYS the centre of attention, unashamed to demand and get what she wants and not even remotely shy.”

The Diva’s Three Keys to Domination

Beemo won’t deny her diva nature; she’s worked hard to craft her lofty status. For example, when Beemo’s dad cooks an expensive steak, she makes sure to get what’s hers, telling iHeartCats, “I’m not shy, if they don’t offer me some, I WILL take it myself.”

And such a move illustrates what Beemo calls her “three keys of power; persistence, cuteness, and affection.”

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So, just how does Beemo’s domination plan work?

“Let your humans think that they are the bosses while you implement The Three Keys and you will slowly overthrow the government of your house and become the ruler yourself, without them even realising,” instructs Beemo.

Now that’s a power move!

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