Lucy The Bat Cat Raises Awareness With Adorable Face

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on March 26, 2020

Like snowflakes, every cat is a unique work of art in their own right.

Some cats have stripes, some have patches. Toe beans can be pink or black. Whiskers can be curly or lush and long. No matter what a cat looks like, every kitty is beautiful and social media creates a wonderful scope to view all the different attributes that make cats special.

And Lucy the Bat Cat is the one of the latest kitty snowflakes to steal the internet’s heart. Cat lovers everywhere are falling for this little girl and her big eyes…


Special Needs Kitten

Lucy is a Sphynx kitten, born with a hydrocephalus, a condition in which spinal fluid isn’t absorbed by the body and winds up accumulating around the brain. Its often referred to as ‘water on the brain’ and the increased fluid causes a pronouncement in the cranium. And in Lucy’s case, coupled with her wide eyes, her adorably big head makes her resemble a bat.

And this unique look was what first caught Zilla Bergamini’s eye.


Checking out a video of Sphynx kitten siblings, Zilla was captivated by the different look of the tiny black kitten.


Though she learned Lucy’s condition made her special needs, Zilla was already in love and ready to do whatever the kitty baby needed.

“I began reading everything I could about hydrocephalus and all possible outcomes. I looked for the best veterinarian neurological center in the country and I already started setting up a fund to pay for her surgery—if needed—or medication,” said Zilla in an interview with Love Meow.


The veterinary care turned out to be a tough road. Lucy’s initial vet thought surgery wasn’t worth the risk and that some bowel issues weren’t a problem.

But, by this time, Lucy had been at her in new home in Israel for a couple months and her bond with Zilla was already tight. Zilla knew something wasn’t right and sought a second opinion for Lucy’s host of medical issues.

Her cat mom instincts proved right…


The new vet was on the poop problem right away and afterward the little kitty was free flowing for a couple weeks. Zilla had to tuck Lucy into a tiny diaper and carry her around at all times. Needless to say, the pair grew even closer.


Zilla and Lucy spent much time working with medical staff and while her first months were tough, the bat cat hung in there and proved to be one tough cookie!


A Unique Look and a Special Message Create Cat Stardom

Now a year old, Lucy is living a happy and secure life with Zilla and her cat siblings. With Zilla’s help, the “Hydrocefalus Nude Kitten” started an Instagram profile to raise awareness about special needs conditions.


Lucy’s feed serves to show everyone how rich and full a life a cat with special needs can have. Zilla said, “She is more delicate than a ‘normal’ cat. But it isn’t always a death sentence. Like humans, pets can have disabilities but live happy lives and they can give as much love as any other pet, if not more.”

Lucy currently has more than 26k followers, proving the tiniest is often the mightiest!

Feature Image: @lucythebatcat/Instagram