If Cats Could Talk…


We all know the toys that cats adore. Like little fake mice, anything with feathers, laser pointers and especially yarn! They just have so much fun digging their sharp little claws into the soft fabric and unraveling it as they roll about the room. This video shows us what it would be like if two cats had a little conversation about their common interests.

These little guys are discussing their obsessions with yarn and laser pointers, two things no cat can resist to play with! Wouldn’t it be funny if you’re little friends just sparked up a conversation and then hit the kitty bar for some drinks? I can guarantee they are serving lots of milk and water at this one.

“Yarn” from Hunt Adkins on Vimeo.

If you haven’t introduced your kitty to yarn or laser pointers yet, I highly recommend you try them especially if you are having trouble with them allowing you to sleep at night. I used a laser pointer for both my cats when they were younger to ware them out when it was time to go to sleep. So just bring them out for your kitten before YOUR bed time as a special toy, to tire them out and give you a chance to get some much needed rest! Before you know it they will have heavy eyelids and so will you.

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