Dinner Time For 2 Week-Old Kittens

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on October 17, 2015

Rescuing a litter of kittens, especially 2 week old kittens, is not an easy task. Since mama cat is not there to feed the babies, you must take her place. Just like human babies, kittens need the vitamins and nutrition from their mother’s milk in order to grow and be healthy. And just like human babies, kittens must be fed every few hours, which can be very tiring.

Luckily for the four kittens in this video, they found a new human that was willing to do just that! And when you hear those little mews and see those cute little faces, who wouldn’t give up a couple hours of sleep? I know I would!! When it’s feeding time all four of these precious kittens try to climb over each other to be the first one to the table. Don’t worry guys, everyone’s tummy will be nice and full tonight.


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