Helpful Tips To Kitten Proof Your Home

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 16, 2014

These young, fearless felines may seem tough, but it’s important for their safety to provide them with the most kitten-friendly living conditions as possible. With their tiny bones and equally tiny frames, even the smallest thing can cause a kitten bodily harm. As their new “parent”, it quickly becomes our responsibility to keep them out of harm’s way. Follow our useful tips to kitten proof your home to ensure that kitty is both happy and safe:

3656741685_c0ee97db88_oSource: @pricklypeardesu via Flickr

1. Be sure that all your cleaning supplies are out of harms way

Kittens are clever although they are young, and won’t ask before opening up cabinets to see what’s inside. Protect them from harmful chemicals that could hurt them and keep any cleaning supplies securely tucked away out of reach.

6032732162_2031bbec69_zSource: @Ian Livesey via Flickr

2. Remember to put the seat down

To prevent any unwanted accidents it’s important to keep the toilet seat down at all times. If a kitten were to accidentally fall in they would have a very difficult time getting out, so keep this in mind any time after you flush!

4058550812_340943df7e_zSource: @godserv via Flickr

3. Watch out for the cords

This safety tip applies to all electrical cords to keep kitten safe from electrocution. Kittens are naturally drawn to these wires, and by keeping them under wraps this will prevent any major shocks from happening.

2827778461_2401f722df_zSource: @Merlijn Hoek via Flickr

4. Keep kitten safe indoors

Your kitty may be too big for his own britches with a burning desire to scoot out the door, but remember to keep them inside at least until they are a little older and have the ability to protect themselves. They may seem all tough and fluff, but don’t let it fool you one bit.

5970630165_c1d218e612_zSource: @++lichtempfindlich via Flickr

5. Be mindful of screens, open windows, and balconies

Kittens may not have the sharp depth perception of a mature cat, so always remember to keep the screens secure if windows are open. If your home has a balcony then be sure not to let your tiny kitten out who could easily slip through the railings.

491821159_57fd042e3d_zSource: @David Zellaby via Flickr

6. If you have a small child, be careful of kid’s toys

With budding teeth kittens seek relief by chewing on whatever objects are available. Many children’s toys contain small parts or soft rubber that kitty could choke on if not careful. Try to be mindful of your child’s toys to keep kitten choke-free and out of danger.

3444915494_91814f467d_zSource: @Namelas Frade via Flickr

7. Careful of those potentially hazardous plants

Surprisingly, many common indoor and outdoor plants can be harmful if swallowed. Your new kitten will likely not know the difference so it’s best to rid your house of these plants to prevent any by mistakes from happening. Feel free to ask your veterinarian for a complete list of plants that pose a potential risk.

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