Why A Cat Can Make The Perfect Gift This Christmas

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 16, 2014

If you’re stumped on what to get this season for the family, bringing a cat into the equation can be your solution. These curiously cute animals have a number of winning qualities and are great for a family, a couple or even your own home of one if you’re looking to treat yourself this holiday season.

If you’ve been considering adding a feline plus one to your existing dynamic, or perhaps choosing to gift a loved one a kitty this Christmas, go ahead and check these off your list of reasons of reasons why:

2084904629_c5edfdab34_zSource: @Roadsidepictures via Flickr

1. Cats are great for busy families

While often times families look to add a dog when considering a pet, a cat is ideal for that on-the-go family that doesn’t have a ton of time to dedicate to a pet. Cats require little supervision and care and don’t need to be walked on a routine basis, making them a great choice to earn the love of an animal without the added stress of time-restricting commitments. They do need time, love and attention and will enjoy as much as they can get.


2. These social butterflies make great companions

Cats are wickedly smart and won’t require the level of training that comes along with a dog. For a family with small children that already has a lot of responsibility, a cat can allow for a pet that is realistic yet sociable that can bring a lot of happiness into your lives. With proper instruction of cat handling techniques a cat and a child can easily develop a life-lasting bond that will prove the test of time.


3. A cat cant teach a child responsibility

No matter the age of a child, all kids need to learn responsibility at some point in their early life. While a cat may be easy to care for, there is still a level of involvement required on a daily basis. If you gift a cat to one of your children, this will surely teach them some responsibility in learning to care for something besides themselves, with the added bonus of kitty companionship in return.


4. Cats are low maintenance

While a cat might greet you at the door, they won’t bark at you loudly while jumping up and down at your feet. Cats possess an ability to adapt to their surroundings and blend in easily almost as if a fly on the wall. These cool, calm and collective guys have mellow personalities that we can’t help but love–especially since they spend about 16 hours a day snoozing.

3154468839_6ccfac6f85_zSource: @Andy Pixel via Flickr

5. Giving a cat means giving someone love

A cat that loves their owner will not stray or let that love go unannounced. With each purr and rubbing of kitty’s head against your body, cats show their owners they love them by their powerful displays of affection. If you know someone who is lonely or could use some company, a cat is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.


6. Free kittens… well, almost!

Cats are easy peasy pets without question. Simplistic in nature, a cat can find entertainment in the smallest of things. A cat doesn’t need expensive toys, grooming, fancy food or any other lavish expenditure to keep them satisfied. If you give someone a cat you don’t have to worry about putting a financial burden on them as these animals are rather self-sufficient.

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