How To Choose The Right Cat Breed For You

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 16, 2014

It’s a given that all cat breeds share common traits, but some specific breeds have qualities that make them unique and more suitable for certain potential owners. If you’re thinking of getting a kitty, and perhaps don’t know what breed to choose, here are some helpful tips when selecting the right breed for you:

***While you may have that dream cat in mind, be sure to check your nearest animal shelter and you may be able to find your exotic dream kitty available all while doing the good deed for society by adopting!***

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  • Are you wanting an active kitty?

Not all cats are lazy, as some of these hyperactive cat breeds will certainly prove. If you’re a high energy sort of person and you want the cat to match, here are a couple of cat breeds to consider that require playtime and love to keep their owners busy. Active cats may also have a tendency to be more vocal, so take that into consideration as well when choosing your energizer kitty. Such breeds include: Abyssinians, Japanese Bobtails, Balinese and the Sphynx.

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  • How about a cat who likes water?

Although there is some truth to cats not being huge fans of water, there are actually a few breeds that don’t seem to mind… and might even like it! Whether they are naturally drawn to it upon sight or have a desire to take a dip these cat breeds certainly debunk the myth that cats hate water. These breeds include: Turkish Vans, American Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Bengals and American Bobtails.


  • Do you want a cat that fits in with your busy schedule?

Not all cats are clingy, and some prefer solitude as opposed to constant companionship with their human. If you’re looking for an aloof breed that won’t mind why you’re away busy pulling long shifts at work, there are several breeds to choose from that can suit your needs and accommodate to your schedule. It’s nice to be fair to your potential pet, as they are coming into your life by you choosing them, so finding the breed that works best for you is an ideal situation. Here are a few breeds that don’t mind too much when you’re away for a lengthy period of time throughout the day: Siamese, British Shorthair, Russian Blue and American Shorthair.

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  • Have you always wanted a Sphynx?

These rare cats were cool long before the Austin Powers franchise came along. Without all that hair there is a common misconception that the Sphynx doesn’t require any grooming, but this is far from the truth. Without the hair all over there body, and more of just a layer of peach fuzz, these cats may develop an odor and require weekly bathing as well as ear cleaning and nail trimming rituals. And obviously due to their lack of protection from the sun’s harmful rays, be sure to keep this cat breed indoors for their safety. Although these kitties require a bit of special attention, the breed seems to have generally good health. These needy cats can be more like children, and not as self-sufficient as other breeds. A Sphynx does not prefer to be left alone for extended periods of time, making it the perfect breed for those who generally love to handle and care for animals.

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  • Is a long-haired cat your dream kitty?

Long-haired cats can be majestic creatures that draw you to them with them with their cotton candy-like tufts of fur. But if you’re thinking of taking in a long-haired breed, it’s important to note that moderate grooming will be required. The PetZoom Self Cleaning Grooming Brush is a tool that I use to groom my Maine Coon mix with, and this helps to eliminate unwanted tumbleweeds of hair on my tile floor. Another important factor to consider is if you plan to let your long-haired cat outdoors during the warmer months, be mindful of all that fur when letting them outside… you probably wouldn’t want to wear a jacket in the middle of July if you think about it.

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  • Bengals are beautiful, but are you ready for the added responsibility?

These exotic cats are strikingly beautiful, but the added responsibility of ownership needs to be seriously considered before bringing one into your home. Much unlike your typical domesticated house cat, this breed is highly intelligent, extremely active and a bit more on the wild side. With this in mind, it’s recommended that a bengal kitty should not be considered if you haven’t researched them properly to know what to expect. For example, the demanding personality of a bengal doesn’t like to be left alone for extended periods of time, as they prefer human companionship with their owners a great deal.

If you’re curious to find the right breed specifically for you, Animal Planet offers a Cat Breed Selector questionnaire that can help you select the perfect breed based on your preferences.

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