Family Lets Stray Cat Come In For Warmth…3 Weeks Later, She Brings Them THIS!

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on February 10, 2016

When reddit user treebeards_friend let a stray grey cat in from the cold, she didn’t realize that she was the recipient of a six-for-one deal!

As the cat warmed up in her new home and to her caretakers, the kitty– named Tiny Cat–stopped being so tiny! It wasn’t long before she started to gain weight…

3 Tiny Cat

…and three weeks later, she gave birth to a litter of five kittens!

6 kitten bunch

User treebeards_friend cared for all six cats, making sure they were vaccinated and either spayed or neutered.

On a reddit post, she describes each of the five kittens and their unique personalities:

“The largest kitten was named Dozer because he always bulldozed his way to get some milk.”

4 kitten bunch

“Next there was Sleepy (aka Slumpo). He just looooves to sleep! Once he even started to doze off during a bath…”

8 sleepy kitties

“Then you’ve got the middle cat, Magoo. She is a sweet precious all grey angel who was not quite as graceful as the other kittens and tended to fall off of things a little more.”

1 kitty bunch

“The second smallest was another all grey cat that we named Super Tiny! Apparently this kitty now goes for walks on the leash and plays fetch!”

7 kitten buncb

“And finally there is our little runt, Nano. She was so small when she was born, but has always been a fighter. Nano had so much attitude and love inside her.”

5 kitten bunch

Because of their living situation, the cat foster family had to put the felines up for adoption, but found loving homes for the entire kitty crew. “Happy to say they all went to good people and we still love that we get to see update [pictures] every so often!” user treebeards_friend posted.

9 kitten bunch

And Luckily, Mama Tiny Cat found a home with the foster mom’s parents, so she is still able to visit the kitty who started it all!

2 Tiny Cat

When the time is right, this caring cat lady can’t wait to have some felines of her own! “One day I’ll get to spoil my own long-term kitties…until then!” she posted.

And “until then,” this kitty foster mom won’t be forgetting about the loving litter any time soon. “So lucky to have had them in my life!” she wrote on reddit.

10 - kitties

(All images adapted from @treebeards_friend via Imgur.)