Tiny Kitten Fails To Grow, But Succeeds At Stealing Hearts

“Widdle” may seem like an odd name for a cat, but it fits this New Zealand rescue kitty purrfectly! You see, Widdle is 17-weeks-old, but so far has only grown to the size of an average 7-week-old. He arrived at a feline rescue called The Kitten Inn several weeks ago. An experienced foster mom named Jessie took him in along with his ginger sister and four other kittens from two separate litters. A post shared by Jessie (@trashcanjonesfosters) on Dec … Read more

Special Cat Who Defied Death Will Always Be The Size Of A Kitten

S’mores is a pint-sized cat with a big personality and an even bigger zest for life. When she was a kitten, a freak accident left her brain damaged, and she nearly died. Amazingly, the baby pulled through. However, the trauma stunted her growth, leaving her tiny forever. But you know what they say: good things come in small packages! S’mores is now living at the Odd Cat Sanctuary, a wonderful safe haven in Salem, Massachusetts dedicated to giving special needs … Read more

Family Lets Stray Cat Come In For Warmth…3 Weeks Later, She Brings Them THIS!

When reddit user treebeards_friend let a stray grey cat in from the cold, she didn’t realize that she was the recipient of a six-for-one deal! As the cat warmed up in her new home and to her caretakers, the kitty– named Tiny Cat–stopped being so tiny! It wasn’t long before she started to gain weight… …and three weeks later, she gave birth to a litter of five kittens! User treebeards_friend cared for all six cats, making sure they were vaccinated and either … Read more